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Matrix42 Financial Year: Continued growth!

After a very successful Matrix42 business year 2017, the company continues its development towards becoming the leading European workspace management provider. In 2018, the software manufacturer plans to expand its endpoint security portfolio, in addition to revenue growth and high profitability, and plans to expand its business into Italy and Eastern Europe through a strong partner network. The company will continue to focus on providing customers with holistic, secure and compliant digital workspaces.

The Matrix42 2017 Fiscal Year

"We are very satisfied with the Matrix42 2017 business year and are grateful for the trust of our customers and partners. We were able to exceed both our revenue and profitability targets in 2017. From a position of strength, we can therefore continue our growth course unchecked", explains Oliver Bendig, CEO of Matrix42. The company achieved a 62.8% increase in software sales in 2017. In addition, a contract renewal rate of 98%, which is absolutely outstanding in the industry. The strong focus on the partner business, which will be strongly promoted in 2017, was also successful: Matrix42 generated 55% of its global sales through its channel. The partner revenue share is to be increased to 80% by 2020.

"In the Matrix42 2017 business year, with a total of 45 product releases, we published many innovations for the digital workplace. Above all, the customer and user experience has been significantly improved and the commitment of our employees has further enhanced our customer proximity. We are also pleased to welcome renowned new customers who have placed their trust in us in 2017. These include thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG, Salzgitter AG, Vitakraft, Quelle Küchen and Meggle," explains Bendig.

2018 Growth in the core region and geographical expansion

"We pursue the goal of simplifying the management of digital workplaces for our customers and making them secure and compliant with guidelines. This opens up major market opportunities for us in the increasingly complex IT sector, which we intend to exploit in 2018 not only in our core region but also in other countries," explains Bendig. Matrix42 intends to grow not only in its core countries Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and the Netherlands, but also in Italy, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic through new partnerships and subsidiaries.

Simple digital solutions for the VUCA world

The advancing digitalization and the dangers of the networked world pose complex challenges for IT departments in companies. Bendig: "CIOs have to push ahead with the automation of their IT processes, take care of the security and modernization of their systems and implement digital workspaces for high productivity while optimizing costs. To do this, they need innovative, secure and simple digital solutions like the ones we offer. VUCA is the new normality that every IT manager must face:

V - Volatility: IT is changing at a rapid pace

U - Uncertainty: The networked world holds risks

C - Complexity: Networking continues to increase through Cloud and IoT solutions

A - Ambiguity: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning open new possibilities

Simplify Digital Work

For its solutions, Matrix42 2018 has adopted the motto "Simplify Digital Work". Bendig: "In 2018, we plan to further expand our Cloud & Subscription business and to use innovative ideas to take advantage of new business areas". The focus is on the topics:

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)

Unified management of mobile, traditional and hybrid devices.

Integrated Service Management

The methods, processes, standards and solutions of IT service management are finding their way into other service and customer-oriented departments. Manual business processes are automated. Enterprise Service Management systems are being used in an increasing number of human resources departments, in supplier and fleet management, in technical and field services, and even in various shared services organizations.

Software Asset Management

License and process costs for clients, servers, mobile devices and cloud applications must be actively controlled.

Automated Endpoint Security

The greatest security risk today is attacks from inside or from employee workstations. Traditional security mechanisms such as antivirus scanners and firewalls are no longer sufficient to protect end devices. The attacks are also so dangerous because nowadays a new variation of malware or ransomware appears every twelve minutes. And around 70% of infections are not detected at all by traditional virus scanners! New concepts such as "Post Infection Protection" and "Endpoint Detection and Response" are therefore necessary to better protect digital workplaces. This means that attacks on the devices are prevented according to the behaviour of applications and users and no longer via pattern recognition. It is important here that this happens in real time and at the time of the outbreak of malware.