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Matrix42 Management

Oliver Bendig, CEO Matrix42

Oliver Bendig CEO of Matrix42

At this moment in time, I believe we are all experiencing something unique. There has never before been a period in which the way we work has changed as quickly and radically as it is currently changing like through the digitalization. It means that countless operations and processes that used to be elaborate and laborious can now be completed in a much simpler, easier, and more intuitive way. What’s more, these tasks can be completed from any location.

The possibilities in this area are developing at breakneck speed. We are increasingly heading towards a workspace that is truly smart – one that really does think in step with users, providing clever ways of relieving them of numerous small tasks.  

During meetings, for example. What if the workspace were to recognize the topic of the meeting and open the appropriate documents for me – and perhaps even provide a summary of them? What if it displayed the social profiles of the other participants? What if it told me how long it will take me to travel to the location of the meeting, which it has already automatically added to my calendar? What if it were to have already initiated the conference call and set my status to ‘do not disturb?’ 

I no longer see the workspace of the future as being a location, but envisage it as a clever assistant:

He provides the knowledge workers with the tools they need to do their work and frees them of everything that is getting in the way of their creativity and creative power. Thus he promotes those famous "flow"-moments in which you fully get absorbed in your work.

This clever assistant also requires clever IT management tools, which perform the deployment of work environments easy, secure, automated, and cost-effective. The digital work environment and the required IT management tools should be easy to use. We pursue this goal at Matrix42 with designing our software solutions every day.

I think that every aspect of developing software is comparable to an artistic process. Just like artists, software developers can often get into a kind of creative frenzy. These moments are extremely fulfilling and we aim to facilitate them, for example with our hack days and our very agile way of working and promote even with the entire Matrix42 corporate culture.

As CEO of Matrix42 I am naturally driven by innovations that enable scenarios like this. Finally, we understand ourselves at Matrix42 with our workspace management technologies as pioneers of the digital transformation in workspace management - for 25 years already. This topic is our passion; we work every day on new answers to the crucial question: What should we do today to ensure that we are successful tomorrow, while continuing to strengthen the trust placed in us by our customers and partners around the world.

Markus Gyssler, CFO Matrix42

Markus Gyssler CFO of Matrix42

As the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), I am the person primarily responsible for making sure things run well at the company – both in terms of finances and in relation to the people who work here. 

Of course, it’s important that the figures are right because a great many factors depend on them. After all, they are the most tangible evidence we have of what Matrix 42 is achieving. To this extent, the company’s figures do always have an impact on our lives. If the figures are looking healthy, the company is generally doing well, too.

Yet on the other hand, there are an incredible number of unquantifiable factors that ‘count’ toward these financial results. It is not possible to simply put a figure on these factors. 

For me, examples of these factors include the company’s irreproachable ethical conduct, its sustainable, entrepreneurial approach to business and its absolute fairness. For this reason, one of our fundamental principles is that every member of staff should have equal opportunities, regardless of whether they are old or young, male or female, German or Australian, a software architect or a member of the IT support team. 

Our employees work hard and achieve a lot. The market demands this kind of high performance, as does the sector as a whole. I am convinced that this consistently high level of performance is only possible because the company is built on a foundation of fairness. 

In line with this, we have all committed to a binding code of conduct that is based on the principles of integrity, respect, excellence, and responsibility. This aspect is also expressed in our slogan: Smarter Workspace – Better Life. This code of conduct is one of the reasons that our employees describe Matrix42 as ‘the place to be.’

Another example of our fairness is the high value the company places on our employees being able to balance work and family life. In a similar vein, we consistently use forward-looking, environmentally friendly technologies so that we can conserve our planet’s resources. 

At Matrix42, we do more than just give lip service to the principles of fairness, entrepreneurial responsibility, and a sustainable approach to business. We live and act in line with these principles at work each day, and within the scope of any initiative we get involved with or initiate. Such initiatives include our involvement in the ‘UN Global Compact,’ the world’s most significant initiative to encourage companies to do business responsibly. Other Matrix42 initiatives include internal measures such as supporting employees who have family members requiring care, as well as our ‘Helfer helfen’ (‘helping helpers’) project, which provides resources to charitable institutions. 

Although none of these aspects can be translated into numbers, they are all inextricably linked with the success of Matrix42.