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Data Loss & Leakage Prevention

Effective and preventive protection against the loss of your data.


Matrix42 EgoSecure Data Loss & Leakage Prevention

The extension scans your documents for sensitive information, prevents its disclosure to the outside world, and helps you raise user awareness of data security issues.

Data in Use (DIU)

Scan your users' external storage media in real time for defined search patterns of sensitive data. You can log the transfer of sensitive data between end device and external storage devices and block it if desired. Your user will be informed and thus sensitized for data security.

Data at Rest (DAR)

Set the frequency at which additional hard drives and network folders are scanned for sensitive company information. Prevent data theft by regularly scanning hard drives and directories to determine the location of sensitive information.

Definition of rules and search patterns

  • Use predefined search patterns, simple expressions (strings) or regular expressions
  • Linking of search patterns using logical operators
  • Multiple expressions can be defined within a rule
  • Weighting of expressions and definition of a threshold value for triggering actions
  • Global, user-specific or group-specific assignment of rules
  • Group-specific assignment of rules

Execution of actions

  • Differentiated execution of actions depending on read or write access or both access paths (DIU)
  • Blocking data transmission (DIU)
  • Placing data in quarantine (DAR)
  • Output of notes to the user
  • Logging of the process

Logging of results

  • Logging of storage medium, computer name, file, date and time, type of access, action triggered, rule name, rule search pattern, number of events, text found.


Good reasons to choose
Matrix42 Data Loss & Leakage Prevention

Traceable logs of data flows
Traceable logs of data flows
Compliance with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR Art. 25, 30, 32, 33, 34)
Support in raising user awareness of data security
Rule-based automation of the protection of sensitive data
Full transparency about data movements and possible weaknesses
Less risk, less work, higher level of protection
Powerful all-round protection in combination with EgoSecure Data Protection and the Matrix42 Workspace Management Suite

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