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The Easy Way to Data Encryption

July 16, 2020 - July 16, 2020

Your data is a matter of trust and concerns only you! This should remain so even if they are stolen or accidentally misfiled.  This is a thing of the past: In this Webinar Daniel Döring presents practical examples how to encrypt data in an administration-friendly, secure, and legally compliant manner without disturbing the daily work of your employees.

Learn how to:  

  • Automatically encrypt data flow to external data storage devices 
  • Transfer highly sensitive data in an encrypted form and in a way so that it can only be opened by the correct addressee  
  • Securely store proprietary data on external cloud storage media
  • Ensure access to strictly confidential file folders and network shares (e.g. works council) for a specific group of users 
  • Encrypt computers and end devices and protect their logins 
  • Ensure that no data is copied or ejected without encryption
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