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Automate your service desk and make your IT infrastructure work harder – meaning less work for your team, and higher customer satisfaction.

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Transform your business

With a choice of easy-access cloud set up, on-premise deployment, or a mix of both, it's never been easier to start making your IT desk more efficient.

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Raise team productivity

Address and resolve problems quickly with one platform to handle incident management and self-service. Helping your team get back to work in no time.

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Improve service delivery

Create, track and document service level and operational level agreements. Get notified when contract deadlines near.

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Simplify asset management

Map your organization to see hierarchies, users, devices, and software – establishing a comprehensive database of all your assets.

Over 5,000 companies trust us. Here's why:

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What our service desk can do

Things don't always work the way they should. So when things go wrong, you'll have all the tools you need to log, prioritize, and resolve incidents efficiently.

Meaning disruptions are minimized and normal operations can be resumed fast.

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What our service catalog can do


Bring all your service areas together on one platform. From HR and customer services to facility management.

You can even bundle services into packages for specific users and add them to pre configured laptops – or as part of a comprehensive onboarding package.

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Do more with

Each of our ITSM products are available with these optional extras to help your business get to where it needs to be quicker.


Remote Assistance

Fully-integrated web-based solution that allows you to access and control your remote computers and servers from a centralised web interface. With this solution, you can remotely troubleshoot and maintain your devices, transfer and synchronise files, and resolve issues without requiring an IT expert to be physically on site.


Discovery & Dependency Mapping

Automatically captures and monitors your IT landscape in real time to give you full visibility of all your services – apps, network, cloud, storage, and devices. And if any changes are detected, you'll be notified right away.


Premium support

Get customized, priority 24/7 support and maintenance for your IT infrastructure. With a dedicated support person, higher SLAs and extensive maintenance services.

Buy ITSM as part of a solution

Looking to solve more than just IT Service Management? It's also available in the following solutions.

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Intelligent Automation

Automate complex manual processes and make your business run more pain-free.

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Operational Agility

Take control of your operations and security across your entire business.

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End-User Experience

Implement powerful self-service for ultimate user empowerment.

Matrix42 ESM Case Study (EN) - Fayat

Our ITSM in action

"The FAYAT Group operates 160 subsidiaries. We needed a solution that could adapt to the complexity of our setup."

Thierry Tellier

Deputy Head of IT Operations FAYAT


Does Matrix42 ITSM follow industry best practices and frameworks?

Yes. It's designed to work with popular industry standards and frameworks – including ITIL. With these principles built in, it makes it easy to implement and adopt. Your team will be delivering exceptional service in no time.

Does it work easily with other ITSMs and tools?

Yes. It works effortlessly with ITSMs and CMDBs to help workflows run smoothly. Data can be synced and processes automated. Giving you a clear picture of your whole IT service environment – and saving valuable time.

Will it support other departments beyond IT?

Yes, it's more than just an IT-focused platform. It's designed to be flexible, meaning you can support multiple departments throughout your business. From HR and facilities, to finance and more. With multi-departmental service management, you can make processes and collaboration better than ever.

How does it handle security and compliance requirements?

Our ITSM takes security and compliance seriously. It keeps your data safe, controls who can access it, and meet industry standards. It also keeps track of actions, handles incidents, and creates detailed reports – giving your teams real insights they can act on quickly.

Can it help simplify workflows?

Yes. You can customize your experience to suit your own processes and workflows. Each aspect can be configured or adapted based on your needs – from tickets to notifications, reporting to automation.

Does it come with reporting and analytics included?

Yes. Afterall, insight is everything. It gives you a comprehensive breakdown of your business performance with functionality built in for you to make data-driven decisions. It's easy to use, too – with dashboards your teams can shape to fit their needs.

How does it reduce resolution times in IT support?

It allows users to open tickets via a Self-Service Portal and access relevant articles. If they need more help, service desk agents then take over – resolve the issue, track time, and close the ticket. It'll then add that resolution to the Knowledge Base, meaning if a user has the same issue, they'll have the knowledge to fix it.

How do users log a support ticket?

With ITSM Essentials, users can log a ticket on the app, by email or via the Self-Service Portal, giving them full flexibility to get help – whether in the office or on the go.

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