Unified Endpoint Management

It’s That Easy!
One Solution for Two Realms of Devices.

Having grown and evolved over time, you now have a solution for managing desktops, notebooks, and servers as well as an additional console for managing mobile devices. We have now combined traditional client management and mobile device management. With Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management, the focus is firmly on the user. It allows the IT team to actively manage all devices from a single user interface. This results in efficient device management and more productive end users.

What our satisfied customers say:

Hanspeter Vlaj
Belimo Automation AG
“Several years ago, we received a letter from Microsoft regarding a pending license audit. This motivated us to rethink our software distribution process and use the insights gained to revamp our license management system as well.”
Colin Humphreys
NTT Com Security
“We only had six weeks to implement the Matrix42 service desk solution – at all of the NTT Com Security subsidiaries worldwide. The project team worked tirelessly so that we could meet all of the deadlines – this was an important prerequisite for us being able to fulfill all of our reporting obligations in line with ISO 27001.”
Thomas Purtschert
Mobility Genossenschaft
“We wanted an automated service that maps the entire process, from HR through to acceptance by the employee. Ordering an IT service should be as easy as making a purchase on Amazon.”

Three Good Reasons for a Unified Endpoint Management Solution

Because employees expect a high degree of flexibility

Whether they’re in the office or on a business trip, employees want to be able to securely access their data and applications from everywhere, and on every end device. It needs to be easy to switch between devices, and the security of sensitive data needs to be ensured.

Because hybrid devices require new ways of thinking

Hybrid devices, such as those running on Windows 10, blur the boundaries between different device realms, which means that neither discipline can be clearly categorized.

Because the focus should be on the user.

The growing diversity, number, and popularity of devices as well as the operating systems running on them are a trend that will continue in the future. Being able to flexibly react to a growing number of endpoints is indispensable.

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…about the workplace management of tomorrow, 2-in-1 device management, software distribution, and client and enterprise mobility management.

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Sebastian Werner

Sebastian Werner
Phone: +49 69667738220



Sebastian Werner

Sebastian Werner
Phone: +49 69667738220

25 Years

of Experience in Developing Workspace Management Products

Matrix42 has been creating future-proof workspace management software that helps increase the quality of work and life in general for 25 years. For example, it has combined client lifecycle management and enterprise mobility management to form Unified Endpoint Management.

Vendor Benchmark 2017

Experton named Matrix42 a ‘Leader’ in the area of Digital Workspace Management Solutions.

Source: Experton Vendor Benchmark 2017


Why Hybrid Devices Require New Ways of Thinking

Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) allows IT departments to guarantee a consistently high level of support for specialist departments – across all device types and operating systems.

Automated Endpoint Security

While it is often impossible to prevent viruses from infecting systems, it is possible to stop unauthorized data transfers.

When even comprehensive protection fails, Automated Endpoint Security (AES) can help avoid the negative effects of cyberattacks. Automated endpoint security is focused on preventing hackers from achieving their real goal: to steal, manipulate, or encrypt endpoint and server data.


Automated Endpoint Security

powered by enSilo

enSilo is a data protection platform that combines the functions of an Endpoint Prevention Platform (EPP) with those of an Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and enables the control of application communication.

And in real time.

Avoid the Cyber Kill

Automated Endpoint SecurityAutomated Endpoint SecurityAutomated Endpoint SecurityAutomated Endpoint Security

Infiltration cannot always be prevented. Our solution focuses on securing your data so that it cannot be encrypted, manipulated or stolen. This gives your IT security department enough time to analyze the entrance gates for possible security gaps and develop counter-strategies.

Ihre Vorteile

Eine Lizenz pro Anwender – unbegrenzte Geräte

Mit Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) können Sie mobile, physische und hybride Endgeräte bequem über eine zentrale Oberfläche verwalten. Dabei wird der gesamte Gerätezyklus von der Bereitstellung bis zur Außerbetriebnahme abgedeckt. Die Lösung von Matrix42 vereint die Vorzüge des klassischen Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) und Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) in einem Produkt. Abgerechnet wird pro Anwender statt pro Gerät (Benutzerbasierte Lizenzierung), sodass Ihre Mitarbeiter eine beliebige Anzahl von Geräten verwenden können, ohne dass zusätzliche Gebühren anfallen. Sie profitieren von sinkenden Kosten, weniger Komplexität sowie zufriedenen und produkiveren Mitarbeitern.

Ihre Vorteile als IT-Spezialist

  • Einfache, schnelle und skalierbare Verwaltung mobiler, physischer und hybrider Endgeräte, ihrer Betriebssysteme, Anwendungen und Konfigurationen über eine zentrale Oberfläche und einen zentralen Prozess
  • Automatische Auswahl der passenden Managementkonsole
  • Kosteneffektive Verwaltung einer beliebig hohen Zahl an Endpunkten, unabhängig vom Gerätetyp

Ihre Vorteile als Entscheider

  • Sinkende Kosten für das Management von Geräten, durch Konsolidierung der Verwaltung in einer Lösung, statt in zwei Lösungen.
  • Dauerhaft niedrigere Kosten pro Mitarbeiter durch Anwender-basierte Lizenzierung
  • Zufriedene und produktivere Mitarbeiter, die ihre bevorzugten Geräte nutzen und damit sicher auf Daten und Apps zugreifen können.

Ihre Vorteile als Anwender

  • Freie Auswahl und Nutzung von Geräten in Einklang mit den Unternehmensrichtlinien
  • Höhere Produktivität – Benutzer erhalten unabhängig von Ort, Zeit und verwendetem Endgerät einfachen und sicheren Zugriff auf ihre Arbeitsumgebung
  • Schnelle Servicebereitstellung & automatisierter Roll-out von Applikationen auf alle im Einsatz befindlichen Endgeräte
  • Sicherer Zugriff auf Unternehmensnetzwerke und Geschäftsdaten über firmeneigene und private Geräte (BYOD)

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