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Automation Instead of Manual Updates

This successful clothing brand is impressed by the intuitive handling and optimal cost-benefit ratio of the Matrix42 solution.

„A client installation that used to take us around three hours can now be done in 30 minutes or less. This was exactly the kind of improvement that we wanted to see.“

Keven Kanet, Project Manager, IT Infrastructure, Olymp Bezner KG 

Until 2019, the 12-person IT team at Olymp Bezner KG managed around 450 client devices by hand. Since the introduction of the Matrix42 Digital Workspace Platform, client management, software asset management, and IT service management have been running automatically, and smoothly.

This case study shows how Olymp Bezner KG achieved the following: 

  • A smooth, speedy implementation of the Matrix42 solution 

  • A reduction of the time needed to provision clients (from three hours to 30 minutes) 

  • Automation of the management of all computers and associated software 

  • Transparency across all licenses and IT assets.