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Windows 10 drives the development and implementation of Unified Endpoint Management

The introduction of Windows 10 is simultaneously driving forward Unified Endpoint Management. Not only solutions but also IT teams are growing together.

The Windows 10 migration is still a challenge for IT managers, especially when it is associated with the introduction of, for example, Unified Endpoint Management (UEM). If it hasn't already happened, the introduction of Windows 10 is driving the development towards more mobile systems.

Client Management and Mobility Management are simultaneously growing closer and closer together, with hardly any company using just one solution. It is becoming more and more pointless to let the supporting IT teams work separately. Nor does it make sense to maintain separate solutions. UEM is on the advance worldwide.

This is exactly why Matrix42 has developed a management approach in which mobile AND stationary IT systems are maintained in just one central asset management system. Our vision at UEM is to continue proven processes such as time-controlled patching even during the introduction of Windows 10, while simultaneously providing all the benefits of Enterprise Mobility Management.

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