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Matrix42 is one of the top ITSM and ESM vendors

German companies have achieved a high level of IT service process maturity. As a result, they are now able to adapt IT service innovations much more quickly. The Enterprise Service Management (ESM) topic 2018, which is important for the companies, is ITSM for non-IT assets. Matrix42 has been extending its Service Management platform to non-IT processes for a long time and is one of the most important manufacturers in IT Service Management. This is shown in the current Vendor Selection Matrix "IT and Enterprise Service Management SaaS and Software" by Research in Action. The study identifies Matrix42 as one of the market leaders for IT and Enterprise Service Management solutions in Germany.

90% of German companies actively use ITIL, with an average of seven ITIL processes being used. The companies have reached a high level of maturity in the area of ITSM. They are now increasingly making the transition from pure IT to Enterprise Service Management. Especially the upper mid-sized companies also tend to switch to local ESM providers with a focus on mid-sized companies. This is shown by the responses of the 750 IT budget managers surveyed by Research in Action in Germany.

Top 3 investment areas of German companies

The investment plans of German companies reflect these developments. In 2018, they are investing primarily in Cloud Service Management, Service Catalogue and ITSM for non-IT assets. The management of non-IT assets, for example in the areas of human resources, customer service, facilities and vehicle fleet, is regarded as the most important service management process not only in Germany but by companies worldwide.

Matrix42 is one of the ITSM and ESM market leaders

"We followed the expansion of ITSM with Enterprise Service Management very early on and expanded our offering accordingly. For this reason, we invested early on in the expandability and adaptability of our service management platform. In this way we want to support our customers in their digital transformation in the best possible way. We have been active in the IT service management market for many years and have always focused on innovation. In addition, as a German medium-sized company with an international orientation, we are a reliable partner for our customers. We are pleased that our ITSM and ESM strategy is paying off and that we are now among the top four providers," explains Oliver Bendig, CEO of Matrix42.

"Matrix42 aims to become the European market leader in Service Management and Workspace Management. It is quite realistic that Matrix42 will achieve this goal. The company convinces with a high speed of innovation, high quality and very good growth rates", explains Dr. Thomas Mendel, responsible analyst of the study.

Simplify Digital Work with ITSM

In the study, the market researchers of Research in Action emphasize that Matrix42's strategic focus under the motto "Simplify Digital Work" is to support the migration of the IT department to an IT service provider and that this strategy is positively evaluated by German customers. This is because more than 70% of German IT departments are currently undergoing this restructuring process. The extension of the service management platform to non-IT processes and the strong integration with Financial Asset Management and License Management is also considered valuable. The experts of Research in Action see a strong competitive advantage for Matrix42, especially in the easy adaptability of the platform via configuration and by means of the Solution Builder. Customers can use it not only to make adjustments to existing processes. They can also create their own apps on the Matrix42 product platform without having to write a single line of code.

"In the medium term, the development of Enterprise Service Management goes far beyond the coverage of non-IT assets. Therefore, we are already addressing the question of how artificial intelligence, voice control, chatbots, etc. can be used to better support IT as a service provider and end users in their productivity," says Bendig.