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Service Management

Higher service quality at lower costs. Relieve your IT and inspire your employees and customers with excellent services. The key to more efficiency in IT and more satisfied customers is not to work harder. It lies in the cross-departmental automation of service management processes without media and system breaks. You gain complete control over costs, the quality of your services and the increasing number of service providers.

Service Desk

Put an end to on-call service and manual processes. Relieve your service team and optimise your costs. The Service Desk is fully integrated into the Matrix42 Digital Workspace Management and thus the central interface to your Service Management, Software Asset Management and Unified Endpoint Management processes.

Save time and relieve your service team 

The Matrix42 Service Desk relieves the burden on your IT service team by easily recording, classifying and enriching new Incidents and Service Requests that are required for further processing.

You save valuable time in finding a solution to restore service quality as quickly as possible.

  • Your users create incidents and service requests easily via e-mail, mobile app, phone or the self-service portal.

  • The user is automatically informed about the receipt of the request via autoresponder. Your users can track the further processing progress in the system or receive further notifications in case of status changes.

  • Your support team classifies and prioritizes the request. Affected configuration items (CI) are automatically assigned to the incident or can be added manually.

  • Workflows defined in Matrix42 Workflow Studio automate this step if required or trigger further processes. When it comes to automating workflows and integrating third-party solutions, the possibilities are virtually unlimited.
  • Marvin is the virtual support agent who never sleeps. He relieves your service team and keeps your back free - you will love him.

  • 24/7 the Virtual Support Agent answers simple and complex service requests from users and customers via your communication channels. It searches the knowledge database, the Matrix42 Service Catalog and all tickets in the Matrix42 Service Desk at the speed of light to offer the best known solution.

  • Marvin not only excels in speed, it is also the perfect channel to announce relevant information to your users. Before users start flooding your Service Desk with incident reports, you can use a push notification to let everyone know that IT is already working to resolve the issue.

Virtual Support Agent Marvin

  • Easy and recurring service requests, such as resetting passwords or setting up a printer, are simply handled by your users themselves. Via the Self-Service Portal, with the Matrix42 Mobile App even on the road - 24/7, whenever necessary.

  • With the Self-Service Portal and the integrated knowledge database, you do not only relieve your IT. Your users also save valuable time and are productive again more quickly.
  • The system can automatically prioritize critical incidents higher for you. Predefined workflows automate further processing and can immediately forward the case to the right team.

  • Skill Management supports you in assigning the right colleague and checking their availability.
  • The answering of recurring requests, e.g. for information, takes up a lot of time. Do not save on quality, but on time. Use predefined text modules with notes on the documented answer in the knowledge database.

  • Workflows automatically trigger further communication steps depending on the occurrence of predefined conditions.

  • The automatic time recording for tickets consolidates at any time the efforts and costs incurred to process a transaction.
  • The integration with Matrix42 Software Asset Management and Inventory Management gives your service team full visibility into the status of all service components assigned to a user, their dependencies, associated contracts, licenses and configurations.
  • Save time and process cases that have the same cause in one consolidated case.

  • Once the solution is known, inform all users simultaneously and efficiently about the solution to the problem instead of closing each case individually. Nobody will be forgotten, your service team will save a lot of time.
  • Inform your users about occurred or foreseeable service failures e.g. current security warnings, maintenance windows or partial failures of individual services. Your users are informed and can prepare for them.
  • If the estimated time for 1st level resolution exceeds the agreed SLAs, simply hand over the process to 2nd or 3rd level support. In this way you ensure that escalations and measures can be initiated in time.

  • The escalation management automatically sounds the alarm and also provides multilevel information about imminent violations of the SLAs. The service quality is maintained and your employees and customers are satisfied.
  • Via the Telephony Application Programming Interface (TAPI) integration of your telephone system, known callers are automatically identified and all caller details including all devices, applications and services assigned to them are already provided to your service staff during the call.

  • Your service technician has immediate access to the previous processing history of all caller activities. Outgoing calls can be initiated by your service agents directly from the service desk.

Avoid productivity constraints and security incidents

With Problem Management, you can reduce the undesirable effects of service interruptions on your business operations, now and in the future. 

Prevent the occurrence of incidents and minimize the impact of incidents that cannot be prevented. Proactive lifecycle management of all issues helps your service team do this.

  • Create new problem cases directly from an incident and automatically transfer all relevant information. The connection to the incident or multiple incidents with the same cause will remain intact.

  • Trend analyses and ongoing incident reporting support your team in identifying emerging bottlenecks and sources of disruption.

  • You assign the new problem ticket on a role-based basis to the responsible team, which is automatically informed about the new incident and can begin with the more detailed cause analysis.
  • Categorize your problem tickets using individually configurable category trees.

  • Using the Matrix42 Workflow Studio, you can control the further routing of the process depending on certain category items.
  • During problem analysis, your team benefits from high data quality and end-to-end processes in a central solution. Thanks to the integration of Service Management with Matrix42 Software Asset and Unified Endpoint Management, your problem team has access to all current devices, applications, licenses, contracts and services including their current and historical configuration status at any time.

  • The single pane of glass view of all IT assets and services, their relationships, associated contracts, maintenance periods and suppliers allows for quick analysis and drill down into potentially disrupted services.

  • Trend and root cause analysis and review of the service configuration associated with a user helps you quickly resolve the problem or provide a workaround to restore service quality to your users.
  • From the creation of a problem from the incident to the ongoing analysis and documentation of the solution or workaround, with Matrix42 Service Desk you always have an overview and control over the process and the progress of the work.

  • Your Problem Manager handles transfers to Change Management directly from the system and creates a new Request for Change (RFC).

  • Your users and involved IT teams automatically keep you informed when status transitions occur, responsibilities change or when the problem is resolved.
  • In the knowledge base you document the solution to the problem or workaround for all users and IT teams. Your users have immediate access to the solution via the self-service portal after it has been released, and can work productively again.

Implement changes to IT assets in a controlled manner and minimize risks

With Change Management you control all steps within your change processes and make better decisions.

From the creation of a change to planning and approval. You ensure that changes are only launched after careful consideration of the risks and possible side effects.

By controlling the entire change process flow in a central platform, you minimize the effects of a change on your ongoing operations.

  • Simple and standardized, pre-approved standard changes trigger your incident managers or your users directly in self-service, provided they have the appropriate authorization.

  • You delegate requests for changes (RFCs) that do not contain all the information required for an initial assessment back to the source or start the completion of the data.

  • For emergency changes, you define a correspondingly short change process that provides for rapid release by authorized persons responsible and ensures that the critical service component is restored as quickly as possible.

  • Change requests that your change manager can decide to release independently and that he or she considers feasible are scheduled in the change schedule. You delegate the rest to the Change Advisory Board (CAB) for evaluation and release.
  • The automatic inventory of hardware and software allows you to map your IT assets in detail, including their assignment to organizational structures, cost centers, locations, user and hierarchy characteristics.
  • Conflicts between planned changes and possible downtime periods or already planned maintenance windows can be identified and avoided with the help of the Change Schedule.

  • Your users automatically and trigger-based inform you in advance of planned changes about downtimes and the expected restoration of service quality.

Ensure high data quality for your service processes

In order to successfully manage the quality of your services, you need full control over the inventory of your IT asset and its status, the configuration items, at all times.

The Configuration Management Data Base (CMDB) centrally maps your Configuration Items (CIs), including their relationships to each other, makes them available to your service team across processes and keeps them consistent. This provides you with high-quality data for service, software asset and unified endpoint management.

  • Extend the Configuration Management Data Base (CMDB) data model to map additional data points and relationships to your IT assets.

  • The CMDB automatically version your Configuration Items (CI) to enable fallback to historical configuration states or to support problem analysis.
  • In all phases of the Change, you have an up-to-date view of a central inventory with all your Configuration Items (CIs) and the associated configurations. This allows your team to monitor the status of the ongoing change and its impact on the CIs in your Configuration Management Data Base (CMDB) at all times.
  • To further increase your data quality, you can import additional data from third-party systems via generic data import (GDI) using the out-of-the-box interfaces or via connectors, which you can create with the Matrix42 Workflow Study simply by drag & drop.

SLAs, OLAs and UCs - all agreements of your service portfolio securely under control

Service Level Management (SLM) lets you manage all agreements between your IT, internal and external service providers, e.g. from the cloud, and your customers.

Define your ITIL®-v3 or ITIL® 4 Service Level Agreements (SLAs), the system supports you in complying with all contractually agreed rights and obligations by automatically tracking the degree of fulfillment.

  • Optimize your costs and provide more transparency in the management of all Service Level Agreements (SLA), Operation Level Agreements (OLA) and Underpinning Contracts (UC).

  • The integration with Matrix42 Contract Management allows you to keep track of all contracts, agreed services, contacts and costs at all times.

  • The system supports you in cost analysis and planning, automatically posts services used to the correct cost centers and automatically reminds you of deadlines for contract extension or termination. You are well-informed when negotiating with your customers and service providers.

  • Multi-level and automatic notifications help you to react in time, even before your customers or employees become dissatisfied.
  • Provide your employees and customers with high quality services that match your requirements. The Matrix42 Services Desk supports you in resource planning of working hours, shift schedules and skill profiles.

  • Real-time reporting and dashboards offer you full transparency of your key figures, the current status of your services, all Service Level Agreements (SLA), your costs and their allocation to the service recipients at any time.

  • External cloud services can be easily integrated with Software Asset Management. Usage-based analyses allow you to track actual performance data with the agreed SLAs at any time, the basic prerequisite for SaaS compliance.
  • Clear dashboards support you in real-time monitoring of all SLAs. The integrated escalation management immediately sounds the alarm if compliance with your Service Level Agreements (SLAs) is at risk.

  • Role-based dashboards and real-time reports can be created simply by dragging and dropping, no programming skills are required.

  • This gives you better control of your service management, enables you to analyse and optimise your service offering and negotiate more effectively with your customers about demand and prices.

More insights and better decisions in Service Management

With this paid upgrade for your service desk, you make better decisions and increase efficiency. The multidimensional analysis of your service desk's transaction data helps you determine important KPIs, identify cost drivers and bottlenecks, and provide data-driven support for measures to optimize your resource allocation.

  • Define key performance indicators and measure your success

  • Make better decisions through detailed analysis of your data

  • Follow the flow of your tickets and identify bottlenecks

  • Visualize complex data and relationships simply and clearly

  • Power BI Connectivity on board - flexibility in analysis and visualization


Service Catalog

Impress your customers with a simple, always accessible shopping experience and integrated processes. This is how you can convince as a company-wide service provider.


Offer users and customers a transparent and easily accessible service offering on all platforms

  • Together with the Service Desk and Knowledge Base, the Matrix42 Service Catalog forms the self-service portal for your users and customers.

  • Offer your users the familiar eCommerce shopping experience on all devices, in the office and on the road.

  • With predefined and extensible roles and permissions, you control access to services and the Service Catalog. You assign roles to your users via your Active Directory and ensure that each user can always view the right services and prices.

  • Create transparency about your service offering, describe the service, quality criteria, delivery times and the price for internal service charging.

Transform IT into an Enterprise Service Provider

  • With the transparent presentation of your service portfolio, it does not matter whether it involves classic IT services or services from other departments. As IT, you can support HR Services just as professionally as Fleet Service Management, Customer Service or Facility Management.

  • You can bundle services into packages that can only be booked as a whole by authorized users. Regardless of whether this involves ordering a laptop with predefined software, a complete IT workstation for a new colleague or the complete onboarding package with company cars.

  • The Matrix42 Service Catalog connects your service areas across processes in a common platform.

Save time and costs by automating manual processes

  • To save time and money, create standard services for which all users are authorized so that approval is no longer required.

  • For higher-value services, you simply specify whether and who must issue a release. The person responsible is automatically informed and can issue the approval directly in the system without media disruption. Of course, this can also be done on the road via the Matrix42 Mobile App.

  • The processing status and progress is displayed graphically directly in the system for all participants.

Automate your provisioning processes

  • Through integration with Matrix42 Software Asset Management and Unified Endpoint Management, your service delivery processes can be fully automated.

  • The distribution of an Office 365 Subscription Package released in the Service Catalog can be automatically initiated or initiated by your service agent from the service desk.

  • The Matrix42 Workflow Studio allows you to integrate your service catalog with your suppliers' systems and automatically initiate ordering processes for hardware or software.

  • You save time and can be sure that all assets, even applications with complex license metrics or cloud services, are booked to the right cost centers and compliance is ensured.

Comprehensive Service Lifecycle Management

  • In the Matrix42 Service Catalog you manage the complete service life cycle.

  • This includes currently bookable services (Operational Services), new services in planning (Service Pipeline) and the services you currently do not offer (Retired Services).

  • New services go through a life cycle process so that you always have full transparency of the processing status and progress.

Mobile Service Management
with the Matrix42 Mobile App

Secure mobile access to all services, applications and data 

  • With the Matrix42 Mobile App, your users have your service catalog with them at all times. That means you have everything you need to stay productive.

  • Your users can order services on the go. The supervisor also approves the order on the go, simply by pressing a button. All participants can track the status of an order directly via the mobile app.

  • The mobile app supports your users and the field service team in quickly completing and processing service requests.

  • It is available for Android and iOS and can be used on both tablets and smart phones. You can make the Mobile App available to your employees via the Apple App Store, the Google Playstore or your individual Enterprise App Portal.

Even faster return to the agreed service quality

  • With the mobile app, your users have access to the self-service portal and the integrated knowledge database at any time and from any location.

  • Your users save valuable time and are productive again more quickly because you can solve simple and recurring service requests independently via self-service. Your service team is relieved of the burden of answering recurring routine queries and can devote themselves to tasks with greater added value.

  • Your users can easily report disrupted services via the Mobile App while on the move. Of course, you will receive an automatic notification when the case is created and can use the mobile app to check the progress of the case.

Save time and costs through increased productivity in Field Service Management

  • Plan upcoming tasks and assign tickets directly to your field service employees. If the processing time exceeds the available time of colleagues, you can have tasks split automatically.

  • With the Management Cockpit, you always have an overview of the current planning status, absence times, planned and overlapping service orders or qualification deviations.
  • The automatic skill mapping helps you find the right employee for upcoming tasks or make reallocations. You can easily assign new tasks to the next available employee in the calendar view or Gantt chart.

  • The Duty Roster Dashboard gives you an overview of the processing progress.
  • Outlook integration synchronizes tasks and tickets into the personal calendar of the field service agent. Agents simply record times worked with the automated time recording.

  • Working times and absences are maintained in the employee profile, ensuring that bookings are only possible within the actual working hours available.
  • in the event of an incident on site, your field service technician has all the details of the job at a glance. Thanks to the integration in the Software Asset and Inventory Management, this includes all devices, applications and services assigned to a user, including assigned contracts, licenses and contact persons.

  • When the job is complete, your field service technician doesn't have to return to the service desk; he can immediately take over the next process and is therefore more productive.
  • your mobile field service can immediately initiate the provision of approved services via MobileApp. This includes, for example, software distribution to a device that has just been checked.

Make the better decisions and stay up to date 

  • Your responsible service manager always has a complete overview of all important key figures - in real time.

  • Dashboards and reports on the status of services and tickets, service level agreements (SLAs) and deployment plans help you to maintain a high level of service quality even during peak loads.


Increase your productivity

Service Desk Analytics
Service Desk Analytics
This Add-on grants you full insights into your service desk's transaction data. It helps you to identify key KPIs, effort drivers and bottlenecks to
make better decisions and achieve greater resource efficiency.
Virtual Support Agent
Virtual Support Agent
Our Virtual Support Agent, Marvin, supports your service team because he is productive 24/7. The Add-On is integrated with our Service Desk, Service Catalog and Knowledge Base.


Good reasons to choose
Matrix42 Service Management

Take advantage of flexible deployment methods. Matrix42 Service Management can be obtained from the cloud, deployed on premise in your own infrastructure or in a hybrid model.

Increased productivity of your users thanks to fully automated processes
Ensuring license compliance, company-wide policies and IT security
Flexible service offer independent of place, time and device
Increase user productivity through self-service
Higher user satisfaction through fast service availability
Become an Enterprise Service ProviderLower total cost of ownership (TCO) and higher return on investment (ROI)
Shorter ordering processes
Professional self-service shopping experience for all users and customers
Relief of the service team through automation of manual routine tasks
Greater cost and status transparency through real-time reporting and dashboards
Rapid restoration of service availability in the event of faults using powerful break & fix tools
Lower service costs through more efficient resource management and better planning
Reduce service costs through more efficient resource management and better planning
ITIL® v4 compliant IT Service Management Best Practices
Increased productivity of your IT and field service staff
Cause-based cost allocation based on actual service usage

Best Practice Service Management

ITIL® 4 and ITIL® v3 compliant and certified for excellent service

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