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More time and flexibility with Matrix42 Client Management

In search of a state-of-the-art client management solution

In 2016, the IT managers at USM were looking for an alternative to their existing client management solution. They were dissatisfied because the providers of the previous product were too slow to react to market developments. Too much time passed until technological innovations were implemented in the software and thus also usable for USM. The declared aim of the product search was therefore to find a state-of-the-art solution that would guarantee rapid adaptation to new developments. The decision was quickly made in favor of Matrix42 Client Management, because the solution convinced the responsible persons in Switzerland and Germany. "I had an overview of the market offering in this segment and Matrix42 best met our requirements. Therefore, in coordination with our German colleagues, we did not carry out a real evaluation, but decided on Matrix42 right away", explains Remo Leone, Head of Technical Information Technology at USM U. Schärer Söhne AG.

Rapid Implementation of the Client Management Software

The software was implemented within only half a year. It was started in Switzerland, followed by the implementation in Germany. "Our IT colleagues in Germany had the advantage of being able to build on our experience," says Leone. "In Switzerland and Germany, the implementation has already been completed and the software is now in operation. We have also already connected our site in France to the system. Our branch in Japan will follow next, followed by the one in the USA". A total of 300 workstations will then be managed with Matrix42 Client Management.

Problem-free commissioning of the new Client Management Solution

The commissioning was carried out without any problems. Leone: "Our users hardly noticed anything of the change. There were no negative effects for them. On the contrary: they enjoy the speed with which IT can now respond to requirements. For IT administrators, on the other hand, the switch to Matrix42 has brought significant benefits. They can simply reboot a computer with a click of the mouse, and the Client Management Console gives them a very good overview of who has what software on the computer, which version is installed and where there is a need for an update. Being able to manage all this centrally means a gain in time and flexibility.

Further plans also for future cooperation with Matrix42 at USM

According to Leone, once the software has been implemented in all branches, the focus will be on optimizing ongoing operations. "What is interesting for us is the addition of Matrix42's license management to the client management".