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Matrix42 cooperates with CapaSystems

IT systems with poor performance impair user productivity and the competitiveness of the company. The search for errors and the reasons for poor performance is usually costly and time-consuming. PerformanceGuard from CapaSystems comes into play here and offers valuable support through real-time performance monitoring. Matrix42 cooperates with CapaSystems and offers the product in its Marketplace. The solution will also be integrated into the Matrix42 Service Management Suite.

CapaSystems is a Danish software company specializing in software solutions that give IT managers more overview, greater flexibility and a better level of service, and users a more compelling experience. With PerformanceGuard, CapaSystems offers a product that ensures round-the-clock monitoring of business-critical IT services and detects downtime from a single console at low cost. In addition, real, objective SLA evaluations can be carried out and blind spots within performance monitoring can be eliminated. "We are delighted to have entered into a technology partnership with CapaSystems. It allows us to offer our customers an attractive performance monitoring solution," explains Alexander Link, Managing Director of Matrix42 Marketplace GmbH. "Our customers can monitor performance as well as network, application and user behavior across the entire infrastructure - internally and externally. This creates more room for maneuver and improved transparency when managing IT workstations".

Support in service and asset management by CapaSystems

CapaSystems PerformanceGuard relieves the service desk and supports asset management:

  • The solution measures all network activities and provides crucial information on response times, data flow, packet loss and more. With this objective data, the true causes of the poor performance that is affecting end users can be identified much more quickly.
  • PerformanceGuard determines which computer processes are accessing the network, which makes it possible to determine if unwanted applications are accessing the network.
  • Latencies between end-user computers and key elements in the infrastructure are continuously measured. Troubleshooting is faster.
  • To detect resource thieves, PerformanceGuard collects data about processes, which allows the data of specific computers to be compared.
  • PerformanceGuard collects performance data from all end-user computers and all servers. PerformanceGuard processes the data continuously and displays real-time information about them. PerformanceGuard automatically detects when performance exceeds certain thresholds and notifies those responsible.
  • PerformanceGuard truthfully reflects the effects of changes on end users.
  • The solution documents performance when it meets expected standards, but also when problems occur, so that any loss of productivity can be quantified.
  • The tool provides information about the number of users accessing an application, the data being transferred within the network, and also shows which processes are involved.
  • With PerformanceGuard, the service desk can quickly determine whether a reported problem occurs on a single end-user PC or whether it is a general problem affecting many computers. PerformanceGuard uses dashboards to display all information relevant to the Service Desk in a targeted manner. These dashboards can be customized to meet the specific needs of the organization.
  • "With Matrix42 we have gained a strong European partner with a broad customer base. Together, we will ensure that customers can exploit the full potential of their IT systems", Kai Lemke, Country Manager Germany at CapaSystems.