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Case Study

IT realignment within 6 months

Get out of fire mode. With the deployment of Matrix42, Renesas has returned to restfulness, the processes run more relaxed and structured.

With more than 19,000 employees and sales of almost 6 billion US$, Renesas Electronics is one of the world's leading suppliers of microchips. As a Japanese company with European headquarters and development in Dusseldorf, it specializes in automotive electronics and industrial applications.

Renesas Electronics was looking for a new helpdesk solution that not only had a high degree of automation but also had interfaces for integration with other databases as standard. 

"In the past, our IT staff often acted like fire-fighters. Ever since we started using Matrix42 Corporate, things have quieted down – the processes are now running in a more relaxed and structured way. That in turn lets us take a more predictive approach to planning.”

Thomas Pflewko, Manager Office Systems
Renesas Electronics Europe GmbH

Read how Renesas Electronics using the Matrix42 Workspace Management Suite:

  • was able to equip the entire IT department with a new ITIL compliant structure in a very short time
  • noticeably relieved the IT administrators in their daily work
  • significantly increased the productivity of its users