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Ensure business success and relieve IT with UEM
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Ensure business success and relieve IT with UEM

Digitalization means organizations are agile, devices are mobile and employees can work anywhere. Thanks to Unified Endpoint Management!

In the age of digitalization, the business success of a company is increasingly defined by the agility of its own organization. All this can only be guaranteed if all employees are provided with the right tools. So companies equip their departments with various end devices, tools and apps to support them in their daily work. This includes not only the laptop and a smartphone, but also the latest smart devices. All applications and data must be available on them just as they are in the office. In real time and without media disruption. And the IT administrator wants to manage all end devices and applications from a single central console.

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) has become a central starting point here. It allows the management of all end devices, operating systems and apps by means of a central platform and a consistent unified user experience. However, for a successful digitalization of modern working environments, you need more than a central device management.

In this Executive Summary, read all about the current vendor landscape and the innovation drivers in the market: 
  • Market Development Unified Endpoint Management
  • Players on the market - who are the innovation drivers
  • Quo Vadis UEM - Where does the next level lead to?
  • Success factors and recommendations for IT decision makers
  • Analyst evaluation of the Matrix42 UEM solution

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