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Endpoint Detection & Remediation

The automated preventive and post-infection protection for your endpoints and data - even if the malware is unknown.

The question is not if, but when the next malware attack will hit you. Even today, over 60% of attacks remain undetected despite antivirus programs. 70% of attacks originate on a terminal device and not necessarily in an infected file. To be on the safe side, you therefore need more than the known onboard tools.

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"CIOs and other IT security decision makers should consider new providers of security technologies that support a secure digital workplace.“ (Gartner, 2016)


Matrix42 Endpoint Detection & Remediation

Two extensions that are really something. Next Gen Antivirus (NGAV) stops malware before it can infect. Post infection Protection stops all malware activities, such as data theft and exfiltration. If an endpoint is infected with malware, it prevents it from spreading - in real time.

Next Gen Antivirus (NGAV)

  • The next-generation antivirus extension uses Machine Learning and Artifical Intelligence to detect and disable even "Zero day exploits".
  • Stop malware before infection (pre-infection).

Threat Hunting und Incident Response

  • The analysis function uses collected data to proactively detect and prevent attacks
  • Based on a cause analysis, the entry points repeatedly affected by malware attacks are secured in the long term.

Virtual Patching

  • Established security policies provide additional protection against newly discovered vulnerabilities

Endpoint Detection & Remediation (EDR)

  • The outbreak of malware is detected at the operating system level of your endpoints (system-centric), manipulation attempts or data theft are automatically blocked in real-time. 
  • Even threats whose origin cannot be attributed to a file (Fileless, In-Memory, Zero Day Exploit) are detected.
  • The optional connection to the Security Cloud System enables a comparison with already detected attack patterns.
  • You save updates and time-consuming data analysis and shorten the time between infection and disinfection (dwell time).
  • False alarms are identified more easily, thus relieving your IT. The solution generates a single alert per incident, reducing the number of alerts to a minimum.

Communication Control

  • The management platform provides a REST API for maximum compatibility. You decide via which communication paths your applications may communicate and when a necessary follow-up activity should take place.
  • Optimal cooperation with existing anti-virus programs is ensured.
  • The solution recognizes every authorized and unauthorized communicating application by manufacturer, product and version and records the activities of your users.
  • You define the communication guidelines for your applications, EDR takes care of the monitoring.

Secure across platforms

  • Protection is the first priority regardless of the platform. All popular platforms are supported, including Windows (XP and later), iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, VMware Horizons 6, Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp 7.


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