Date: 2019-02-28    10:00 - 11:00

Make IT smarter – service management meets Data Security

Using Matrix42 endpoint security suite, data security will become complementary part of the Matrix42 service and device management. Devices and software will be deployed by default with all data protection functions – including device & application control, data- and device encryption.


IT Departments will benefit from less risk, less work and simultaneous fulfilment of GDPR regulations.

Daniel Döring and Klaus Ziegerhofer present use cases that show how to integrate data security into your service management:
  • Automated rollout of hard disk encryption via the Service Catalog
  • Rollout of USB sticks including access control and encryption
  • Automatic incident creation when antivirus malicious code is detected
  • Approval of applications
  • Outlook: Further integration scenarios


Only a managed workplace is a safe workplace. Security Operations becomes a complementary part of your service management.

Look forward to 60 minutes full of new impulses and entertainment. We look forward to meeting you!


Matrix42 AG is a European Software Vendor with its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main Germany and offers the most secure and GDPR compliant Workspace.

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Daniel Döring

Technical Director Security and Strategic Alliances

Matrix42 AG

In his role as "Technical Director Security and Strategic Alliances" Daniel Döring is responsible, among other things, for establishing and expanding cooperation with established manufacturers from the IT industry.

Klaus Ziegerhofer

Product Manager Service Management

Matrix42 AG

Klaus Ziegerhofer is Product Manager for Service Management at Matrix42. Prior to this, he worked for more than 3 years as a Senior Analyst at Magna Automotive Europe GMBH (a division of Magna International Inc.).