WannaCry – No need to cry




Matrix42 Patch Management und Avira Antivirus

Nach WannaCry ist vor dem nächsten Erpressungstrojaner! Das Bemühen der IT gilt aktuell vor allem der Positionierung als Business Enabler. Dabei darf das Thema IT-Sicherheit angesichts der digitalen Bedrohungslage nicht aus dem Fokus geraten. Denn die Frage, ob der nächste Troyaner kommt, stellt sich nicht, sondern nur wann er kommt. Neben dem wirtschaftlichen Schaden, steht dann wieder das Image Ihrer gesamten Organisation – also nicht nur der IT auf dem Spiel. Wohl dem, der sich auch über diesen Business Case rechtzeitig Gedanken gemacht hat. Die Lösung ist übrigens ganz einfach.

Petya is back – Only 1 month after WannaCry




Matrix42 Patch Management, MyWorkspace and Avira Antivirus

After WannaCry comes the next blackmailer – Petya! IT departments currently focus primarily on functioning as business enablers. However, it is also crucial that they do not lose sight of IT security, especially now that digital threats are so prevalent. After all, the question is not ‘if,’ but ‘when’ the next wave of attacks will come. The outbreaks of blackmail Trojan WannaCry and Petya were only about 6 weeks apart. Digital attacks affect not only your IT systems – they can also damage the reputation of your entire organization, not to mention the financial consequences. It would be wise to learn from this business case and take the necessary precautions in a timely manner. By the way – the solution itself is very simple.




How can I protect myself?

Three simple steps to ensure that your systems are protected.

1. Current Updates & Patches

Make sure you always install the latest patches and updates on your system.

2. Proactive protection through reliable antimalware software

Protect proactively and use the latest antivirus software to track malicious software and files on your systems, and remove them properly.

3. Secure access from anywhere

Nowadays, corporate data is no longer necessarily accessed only from a fixed workplace. Therefore, you need to make sure that accessing corporate data and applications is secured at from anywhere.


What to do if you are affected?

If you are affected by Petya, you can prevent the actual encryption of your data by following these instructions. The ransomware infects computers and then waits for about an hour before rebooting the machine. While the machine is rebooting, switch the computer off and disconnect from power to prevent the files from being encrypted.


If your system reboots showing the ransom note, do not pay the ransom as the “customer service” email address has been shut down anyway. There is no way to get the decryption key anymore. To restore your computer, you first need to disconnect from the internet. Then reformat your hard drive and reinstall all your files from a backup.


The best way to secure and keep your systems up-to-date

Automate the process of securing, updating, and ensuring the smooth operation of IT systems in companies by reliably installing the latest patches.

How it works
  • Automatically determine available patches and apply them to workplace computers and servers
  • Use test and release processes to fully control patch management, flexibly assign patches to test groups
  • Plan updates outside main working or business hours using automated or scheduled distribution of update installations, enabling full control of processes
Your benefits
  • Immediately applying new patches mitigates the risk to your business because you’re always protected against the latest threats
  • Patches are applied more quickly and comprehensively
  • System functionality is guaranteed while saving a significant amount of time
  • IT resources are used more efficiently by relieving staff of time-consuming administrative tasks
  • More time for strategic planning
Key features
  • Supports over 2,000 software products with approximately 90,000 patches for all Microsoft products and operating systems, as well as applications from a further 40 software manufacturers
  • Planned patch distribution for use on computers or roles
  • Displays all installed patches on the client’s system regardless of installation method
  • Test reports for administrators and senior management
  • Automatic filtering to eliminate outdated patches
  • Agent-supported service
  • Seamless integration into Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management and Empirum


Minimize your business risk with the cloud-based workstation

Matrix42 MyWorkspace offers secure access to all relevant business applications through the browser. The browser becomes your new, secured operating system.

How it works
  • Through the in-browser RDP client, MyWorkspace provides secure access to corporate applications and data, as only non-machine readable images are transferred.
  • MyWorkspace can be carried out only under SSL encryption, so only encrypted data can be transmitted.
  • Since the browser and any SaaS application is a sandbox (self-contained system), access to applications and data via the browser is significantly safer than your operating system itself.
Your benefits
  • Lower business risk through encrypted access to corporate applications and data
  • System functionality is guaranteed from anywhere, anytime
  • Easier, safer access – on any device, any browser and at any location

See for yourself

Get started with Matrix42 MyWorkspace Basic Edition for free.



Reliable security management for your endpoints from a proven management console

Security to German standards – Automatic provisioning of Avira Antivirus for Endpoint, as well as guidelines and services for thousands of clients via the Matrix42 Empirum or Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management console.

3 simple steps to securing endpoints with the Matrix42 Avira Antivirus add-on
Your Benefits
  • Virus protection with the highest detection rates of known and unknown threats, thanks to owned labs and a self-developed engine technology.

  • Automatic provisioning of the Avira antivirus software, as well as policies and services for thousands of clients through the proven Matrix42 Client Management console.

  • One contact person & direct support from Matrix42 reduces the amount of interactions with different vendors and simplifies communication.

  • Easy to use, and simple installation and configuration of the Avira Antivirus Add-on within the proven Matrix42 Client Management or Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management console.

  • Resource-friendly, as your servers continue to deliver optimum performance, even if Avira Antivirus technology is running at high CPU loads.

  • Low memory requirements at extremely high detection rates, and one of the fastest antivirus engines in the world.

Protect yourself now from WannaCry, Petya and future blackmailers!
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