Silverback Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Simple implementation of mobile first strategies

Your users work with modern end devices and operating systems such as Android, iOS, macOS or Windows 10. secure data as IT, promote employee productivity and enable mobile working.

Three good reasons for Matrix42 Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Simple and uniform

Easy handling for IT and software to make mobile devices and apps uniformly available.

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Protective and reliable

Elementary is the protection against cyber attacks. A solution must reliably ensure this protection of the work environment.

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Efficient and resource-saving

The growing number of mobile devices with almost the same resources requires efficiency. Automating IT processes and integrating the user more strongly into services is the solution.

More about Service Management

Bring Your Own … (BYOx)

Bring Your Own” variants are solved with a single OneTimePassword (OTP) and the devices can be used securely in the company.

All Operating Systems

Whether Windows 10 Mobile or Desktop, iOS, macOS, Android or Android for Work – we can do them all!

Intuitive administration – simplest self-service

As easy as it is for the user to shop for a new app, it is as natural for the administrator to configure and roll out profiles or tags.

Flexible management of mobile workstation environments – regardless of who owns the device

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  • Service

    Provide automated and mobile IT service management processes to accelerate response times and shorten the deployment processes.

  • Automation

    Turn mobile devices into fully functional mobile workspaces to increase productivity, workplace attractiveness and customer satisfaction.

  • Satisfied colleagues

    Increase user satisfaction by offering mobile working and support convenient self-service functions.

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… all about license compliance, license management, contract management, asset management and CMDB

Free of charge is not always the best choice
RENA Technologies installs software distribution and management in record time
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Fastweb manages complexity and functionality
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Enterprise Mobility
5 Tipps für die optimale Enterprise Mobility-Strategie
Erfahren Sie, welche Enterprise Mobility-Srategien laut IDC am gefragtesten sind.
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how does it work?

A brand new device, originally packaged and under management


Have the device sent directly to the user by the supplier

Send the devices directly to your user without any detours via IT.
In the event of loss on a business trip, it’s hours!


Activate via SMS

SIM card into the device, an SMS immediately instructs the user how he can take the device under management.


Enter One Time Password (OTP) and the device is configured

By entering the One Time Password, your users authorize the process and receive all apps pre-configured with all relevant data installed. You can continue working immediately – almost magically.


Office 365 Edition

€ 1

  • 2 Applications
  • 5 Personal applications
  • 1 connector
  • unlimited Office 365 applications


Basic Edition plus …

  • Azure Active Directory & Office 365 Integration
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