Empirum Client Management

Easy automation of routine tasks

Many tasks of an IT administrator can be automated very efficiently: Install operating systems and software, inventory equipment or regularly update software. This creates time for important topics such as license optimization or increasing IT security.

Three good reasons for Matrix42 Client Management

Simple and uniform

Easy handling for IT and software to provide operating systems and software uniformly.

Easy Test Client Management

Protective and reliable

Elementary is the protection against cyber attacks. A solution must reliably ensure this protection of the work environment.

More about Endpoint Security

Efficient and resource-saving

The growing number of end devices with almost the same resources requires efficiency. Automating IT processes and integrating the user more strongly into services is the solution.

More about Service Management

Microsoft Windows 10

Feature Upgrade

Microsoft has three possible ways to switch to Windows 10: Wipe and Load, an in-place update and runtime provisioning. In our video we present the possibilities.

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Free of charge is not always the best choice
RENA Technologies installs software distribution and management in record time
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Fastweb manages complexity and functionality
Fastweb manages complexity and functionality
Read how Fastweb uses Matrix42 Empirum to provide comprehensive services.
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FAYAT: From Silo to Group-wide Workspace Management Solution
Learn how FAYAT provides working environments with Matrix42.
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Office 365 Edition

€ 1

  • 2 Applications
  • 5 personal applications
  • 1 connector
  • unlimited Office 365 applications


Basic Edition plus …

  • Azure Active Directory & Office 365 Integration
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Client Lifecycle Management of tomorrow

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  • Because employees expect high flexibility

    Whether in the office or on a business trip, employees today want to be able to access their applications from any device, anywhere. Switching between devices must be simple and ensure the security of sensitive data.

  • Because hybrid devices require a rethink

    In the past, managing hybrid devices running Windows 10 required a client lifecycle AND enterprise mobility management tool to distribute software. The result: double the effort, double the costs and inefficiency.

  • Because device focusing is not future-proof

    The growing variety, number and distribution of devices will continue to accompany us in the future. Device-based management of endpoints is therefore becoming increasingly expensive. Flexible response to a growing number of endpoints is essential.

Enterprise Mobility
5 Tipps für die optimale Enterprise Mobility-Strategie
Erfahren Sie, welche Enterprise Mobility-Srategien laut IDC am gefragtesten sind.
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Migrating to Windows 10

The new version of Windows is becoming increasingly popular with companies worldwide. As a result, strategies are needed to switch to the new operating system easily, quickly and cost-effectively.

Increase end-user satisfaction

End users want fewer interruptions, easy self-service and the freedom to use their preferred devices. The management of these devices must be simple, intuitive & platform-compatible.

Do more with less

The needs of users is increasing, but IT departments lack the staff to continue managing clients manually.

Assign configurations and start installations

– immediately or as planned by you.


Create configuration

Empirum works according to the “Desired State” principle.
You simply define a profile or which software is to be distributed.


Select a configuration group

Use a search query to create a configuration group consisting of different devices.


Provision takes place immediately or at a time specified by you

Simply assign the configuration to the configuration group and delivery can begin.