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Accelerate your Microsoft SCCM It’s that easy to increase the value of your existing SCCM Installation

If you use Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), then you’ve already invested heavily in defining an SCCM strategy, building up and training the IT organization, and implementing the solution. SCCM is one of the most powerful, but also most complex System Management solutions available. Administration is time-consuming and requires SCCM, SQL and scripting specialist know-how, which overloads your expert resources with lengthy recurring tasks.

Enterprise Manager für SCCM


To increase Return on Investment of your SCCM Investment, you need a solution that relieves the burden on your team of specialists and releases them to focus on higher value tasks.

Matrix42 Enterprise Manager for SCCM

Matrix42 Enterprise Manager for SCCM integrates seamlessly with your existing Microsoft SCCM environment, to reduce complexity, simplify planning, allow delegation of tasks and relieve the burden on your team of specialists. No modification of your current SCCM environment is required – all SCCM options, packages and apps are natively supported by Matrix42 Enterprise Manager for SCCM.

Your Benefits:

IT (Service)Management

  • Acceleraton of IT and buiness processes
  • 20% faster report creation without SQL skills
  • Graphical realtime and compliance reports
  • Free up your valuable SCCM specialists
  • Increased user and IT staff satisfaction
  • 70% lower IT provisioning costs
  • 50% lower total training costs
  • 50% lower ticket volume at your Service Desk
  • 20% faster ticket processing
  • Save the cost of implementing custom workarounds  (e.g. Scripts, Reports, UI etc.)
  • Save the costs for additional third-party Patch Management solutions

End User

  • Self-service planning of updates
  • 85% reduced waiting times
  • 50% less disruptions
  • Better upfront communication and faster service delivery




  • Acceleration and simplification of SCCM tasks
  • HTML5 web interface for device-agnostic access and better User Experience
  • Risk-free and role-based SCCM task delegation to non-IT staff
  • Guarantee Security and Compliance policies 
  • Reliable realtime progress tracking of rollouts
  • 50% faster provisioning of Software, Patches and Operating Systems
  • 60% faster rollout of PCs
  • Reduce risks and failures
  • Faster failure identification, analysis and resolution without scripts and workarounds
  • Software and Service Rollouts in Seconds
  • Avoid bottlenecks and disruptions through optimized bandwidth allocation and task scheduling
  • Faster and simplified Server Management
  • Faster and simplified Patch Management for Microsoft and non-Microsoft applications

Solutions for typical SCCM challenges

In classic Microsoft environments, software updates are available via WSUS only and exclusively for Microsoft applications.

The Enterprise Manager offers you:

  • Comprehensive Patch Management for Microsoft and third-party applications
  • Seamless Plug-In integration of a Patch Catalog for SCCM into your existing SCCM installation, within a single console
  • Faster and more reliable protection against vulnerabilities within third-party applications
  • Collaborative involvement of security and application owners into Rollout planning and execution

Complex rollout plans introduce a significant risk of failures that cause disruptions and lower productivity.

The Enterprise Manager offers you:

  • Reduced rollout planning effort

  • Simplified and faster rollout and realtime monitoring

  • Users plan and schedule updates optimally to run without disruptions

Rollout plans entailing the risk of failures and requiring centralized SCCM administrative authority. Browser and Office applications need to be closed and restarted. Updates without advanced notice cause disruptions, leading to dissatisfied users.

The Enterprise Manager offers you:

  • Simplified Package creation and handling
  • Users plan their optimal schedule for updates, leveraging available booking slots
  • Self-Service installations in seconds
  • Configurable and workflow-based approval processes, leveraging Service Catalog integration
  • Graphical realtime progress tracking
  • Immediate failure identification and resolution
  • Emergency stop of the whole rollout in case of critical failures
  • Satisfied end users through optimized planning and collaborative communication

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Packaging in SCCM requires the approval of Security and Application owners. Handling complex SCCM packaging task and their coordination withthe even more complex SCCM console requires extensive SCCM expert skills.

The Enterprise Manager offers you:

  • Graphical Workflow engine to simplify and speed up packaging without the need for expert know-how
  • Define priorities for installation sequences.
  • Provisioning of pre-packaged applications for installation
  • Save the cost of an additional packaging solution
  • Third-party Patch Catalog for SCCM through a simple to use Plug-In

Planning and execution of software distribution or reinstallation of devices involves several team members. All of them require appropriate access and authoriziation, and skills to handle a complex SCCM console. This necessitates considerable effort and cost to enable staff maintain their skills.

The Enterprise Manager offers you:

  • Secure, role-based delegation model
  • Simple creation and assignment of roles and authorizations
  • Simplified SCCM task delegation to non-SCCM specialists and less skilled IT staff
  • User friendly guidance through SCCM tasks by a three-step wizard – lowers costs of failures by 80%
  • Efficient approval process with single clicks
  • Full control and transparent realtime tracking reports

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Planning and execution of SCCM tasks requires access through an SCCM agent console. Device-agnostic browser access for a mobile workfoce is missing in SCCM.

The Enterprise Manager offers you:

  • An intuitive HTML5 web interface allows anywhere, anytime access, from the device of your choice, without needing to use the SCCM console
  • Wizard-based user guidance saves valuable time by delivering SCCM task execution in just a few clicks

Adaption and provisioning of local, meaningful and easy to interpret reports (e.g. for compliance), requires deep SCCM and SQL expert know-how.

The Enterprise Manager offers you:

  • Simplified creation and scheduled provisioning (e.g. by Email) of easy to interpret graphical reports

  • Provisioning of graphical compliance reports and pre-formatted Excel reports without the need for SQL skills

  • Integration of external data sources - additional separate reports for these data sources are no longer required

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The complex management of Servers with SCCM, especially in distributed environments requires specific and rare expert know-how. These resources become extremely critical. In addition, server administrators are reluctant to install software agents on their servers.

The Enterprise Manager offers you:

  • Significant simplification and acceleration of your server management

  • Installation of servers (e.g. SQL Servers), with a few clicks – without Scripts

  • Task delegation to less skilled and therefore less critical resources


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