Matrix42 urges companies and employees to raise awareness of data protection and security issues

Greater education for employees and better corporate IT security and privacy management essential in today’s complex environment

Matrix42 today urged companies and employees to increase awareness of data protection and data security issues following the 2014 European Data Protection Day. New technologies such as bring your own device (BYOD), cloud computing and apps require greater attention at the individual and corporate level. BYOD, cloud-based services and today’s huge array of apps are trends that every company will have to embrace sooner or later. At the same time, full attention must be given to the technological and organizational challenges that accompany these changes, not to mention special requirements with regard to data protection, data security and legal compliance. These technologies require a greater awareness of data protection issues among companies and users alike. This is because both parties are open to risk by using these technologies.  There needs to be clear visibility over how the following issues are addressed:What would happen if a mobile device (irrespective of personal or company ownership), were to be lost or stolen along with all the data stored on it?What are the consequences of copyright infringements or license violations for companies and employees when an employee uses free software applications or apps in the workplace that are strictly for private use?Who is responsible for backing up private devices that are used in the workplace?Reducing the risk of damage and liability claims“A few years ago, discussions about data protection centered on areas such as password protection, firewalls, antivirus software and anti-hacking programs. But today, everyone is asking how these issues apply to the world of mobile devices. Companies with inadequate IT security and insufficient data protection leave themselves open to higher levels of risk. They have to consider data protection laws and technical data security issues and take the appropriate measures to minimize the risk of damage claims and liability lawsuits. However, you can’t just hold companies accountable for this. Users are a vital part of the process, and we need to make them more aware of their responsibilities, coach,” says Oliver Bendig, VP of Product Management at Matrix42.Easy mobile working with maximum security and complianceThe Matrix42 Mobile solution is designed to make mobile working as easy as possible for users, ultimately improving their satisfaction. At the same time, it helps IT departments securely and seamlessly integrate mobile devices, data and applications into the company's systems and professionally manage devices, contracts, SIM cards and accessories using an asset and contract management component. Compliance with corporate policies and data privacy guidelines is monitored automatically; personal and business data are kept strictly separate. In addition, sensitive data is fully protected both inside and outside the company.