Matrix42 rebrands to align with trend towards workspace management

Company will deliver a focused strategy in 2014 under the marketing slogan: ‘Smarter workspace – Better life’

Matrix42, a top provider of software for workspace management is positioning itself for another year of strong revenue growth by aligning with the current market trend towards workspace management. A focused marketing and branding strategy includes a new tagline ‘Smarter workspace – Better life’ which describes the company's development toward becoming a workspace aggregator. Modern technologies particularly mobile and cloud computing significantly change the way we work today and in the future. According to a current IDC survey, the typical knowledge worker already uses 4.3 devices and 17 business applications. Mobile devices have not replaced the traditional workspace.  They do complement it making it possible for work not to be tied to a particular location. “We no longer talk about your desk at work, it is now a working environment – a workspace rather than a workplace,” Jochen Jaser, CEO at Matrix42, explains.Modernizing WorkspacesManaging the ‘workspace of the future’ and flexible working models is vital if companies are to remain competitive for both customers and retaining talented employees. By supporting modern working methods, companies can accelerate added value compared with their competition and increase productivity among their own users.More than half (55 percent) of all companies worldwide accept or embrace the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) philosophy and allow employees to use their own devices at work. “At the same time, however, 60 percent of all companies do not have a long-term mobility strategy and no common workspace management, which is crucial if they are to remain competitive,” says Oliver Bendig, VP Product Management at Matrix42. Transformation to ‘IT as a Service’Companies, and especially their IT departments, are faced with a transformation within the working environment. This change consists of several developments that need to be supported:The working environment and the devices used are becoming increasingly diverse.IT is becoming more and more complex due to the variety of devices and flexible working practices within the company.Work use and private use are becoming more entwined in the company’s IT working environment – a reality that must also be taken into account.Users become customers. Modern knowledge workers expect to be able use IT services anytime and anywhere. Their working environment has become an IT service with constant availability.The IT department is evolving and starting to provide ‘IT as a service’ and acting as a service aggregator.These developments exert considerable pressure for change within the companies' IT departments, as business mobility, numerous devices and applications, and 24/7 self service offerings present both a risk and opportunity for IT. In addition, the business and procedural side of the IT environment is increasingly important and, in turn, forces fundamental changes to IT management.Matrix42 Supports IT and the UsersMatrix42 aims to ease the burden on IT departments and users alike with its products and services by making effective workspace management as straightforward as possible. Bendig adds: “By using greater levels of automation, we enable the IT department to more easily manage and support a variety of devices, operating systems and apps. We also value users and we aim for them to be satisfied with our products, too. It is important that users have easy and transparent access to the applications and IT services that they require for their work, regardless of the device, time, or even location. It is about the workspace of the future meeting the requirements of users’ work-life balance, so that work in the future can be supported at a number of locations and differentiated. Matrix42 offers a complete solution which includes ensuring the necessary compliance for correct license management.” This Matrix42 product portfolio provides an intelligent answer to requirements of the workspace of the future. Users benefit from an easier and more relaxed life combined with enhanced productivity, or as the new tagline states: Smarter workspace – Better life.