Matrix42 and Endpoint Security innovator enSilo sign strategic technology alliance

Paradigm Shift in Cyber Attacks: Intelligent protection for digital workspaces

Ransomware and other viruses force a fundamental paradigm shift in IT security. Whereas the tactic pursued to date had been to provide corporate networks with the best possible protection against attacks, the concept of post-infection protection follows an entirely different strategy in terms of IT security: Previous defensive measures like firewalls and antivirus tools are no longer able to provide an adequate level of protection from viruses and ransomware. As a result, post-infection protection (PIP) focuses on reliably preventing the proliferation of malware once it has infected a workspace. enSilo, a highly innovative startup which was designated as a ‘Cool Vendor’ in Gartner’s 2016 Digital Workplace Security Market Report, opted to specialize on PIP and subsequently developed a security software. Matrix42, the leading provider of workspace management solutions, sells this security software within the framework of strategic cooperation exclusive in Central Europe and integrates enSilo into a full-feature digital workspace security suite.

“In view of the vast number of attacks, it is no longer a question of whether, but when, companies will fall victim to a cyberattack. To give you just one example: 200,000 affected computers in 150 countries, hundreds of millions of dollars of damage - that is the balance sheet of Ransomware (blackmail software) WannaCry. For this very reason, companies need to direct their attention to preventing the negative impact that such attacks bring when they succeed instead of needlessly wasting both time and money erecting security barriers around company networks and data in the belief that they cannot be penetrated,” explains Oliver Bendig, CEO of Matrix42. “The endpoint security platform and machine learning features from enSilo allow us to meet the requirements in terms of post-infection protection, endpoint detection response, and next-generation antivirus. Furthermore, in combination with our Workspace Management solution, they provide our customers with the latest methods and techniques to protect their networks and data.”


Real-time protection

enSilo offers a data security platform that blocks potential hackers from making harmful changes to files or establishing outgoing connections in real time, even if the hackers are new and completely unknown. The enSilo software monitors the OS instruction flow, detects malicious activity, and isolates this automatically. The combination of next-generation antivirus and endpoint detection and response (EDR) functions provides an effective defense against attacks. Unauthorized operations and detected malware are immediately blocked and quarantined by enSilo, which also issues an alert. Conversely, legitimate OS functions can continue to run uninterrupted, which allows users to maintain their productivity levels.


“Employing a variety of security applications in combination to combat the many types of threats is too expensive, unnecessarily complex, and not particularly effective,” states Roy Katmor, Co-founder and CEO of enSilo. “Our platform combines next-gen antivirus features with data security functions to form an effective line of defense against complex attacks. Our goal is to win over European companies to this strategy. We are excited to have found such a well-established partner in Matrix42, who we can work with in cultivating and serving the European market.”


Workspace security suite in the works

Matrix42 will initially be offering the enSilo products as standalone solutions. However, plans call for their integration into our proprietary products and the development of a new digital workspace security suite. “We are seeking to market a unique solution that cleverly combines unified endpoint management (UEM), enterprise service management, and endpoint security management. In real terms, this means our customers will be able to configure the enSilo software via UEM and distribute it to their users’ end devices. When an infected endpoint is detected, it is immediately quarantined on the affected device and an error or alert is automatically generated in Service Management. Matrix42 Workspace Management automates the entire operation and provides a technical and process-related solution,” states Oliver Bendig.


About enSilo

enSilo is a high-tech startup launched in 2014. It has received $34 million in funding from high-profile investors such as Carmel Ventures, LightSpeed Venture Partners, and Rembrandt Venture Partners. The company employs a staff of roughly 60 and maintains offices in San Francisco, Herzliya, Israel, and Singapore. In 2016, enSilo was named a ‘Cool Vendor’ in Gartner’s Digital Workplace Security Market Report.