Matrix42 Blog

Today we’re delighted to announce the brand new Matrix42 blog! Read more about what Matrix42 experts have to say to current topics related to IT, new technologies and the workplace of the future in the Matrix42 blog. The main topics for now will be Unified Endpoint Management, Workspace Aggregator, Service Management, Compliance as well as the overall topic of “Smarter Workspace - Better Life”. We’ve been working hard to improve experience and engagement with our growing customer and partner base around the world. Many of our customers and partners wanted more communication from us, so we listened and launched the Matrix42 blog. We are very much excited to share new content with you on a weekly basis. Wondering where to find the blog? We've added a link to the navigation bar above as well, to make it easier for you to find. Or just go to From now on you will get first hand insights from our Product Management into current topics, new technologies, our products and the Matrix42 culture. Head over to the blog and experience it for yourself: