KWM WEISSHAAR runs security from a central management console

Jannis Thümmig

KWM WEISSHAAR is a leading supplier of innovative metal and sheet-metal branch products. The workstations of almost 500 employees in Mosbach, Germany, are now managed centrally and securely at the same time. Read how KWM WEISSHAAR achieved this: Selection of a workspace management tool without unnecessary and expensive additional functions Remote access and troubleshooting, all from a central console Minimal …

White paper: Smart Service Management for Smart Devices

Felipe Pepavao

Today, there probably aren’t many larger enterprises without their share of staff using „smart“ devices such as smartphones or tablets. Originally, however, these smart devices were designed for the consumer market. This poses a whole new set of challenges for the administrator in the mobile enterprise, especially when it comes to orchestrating IT service management (ITSM) and enterprise mobility management (EMM).

White paper: Workspace-as-a-Service

Felipe Pepavao

According to technology research house, Gartner, Inc., “many IT teams and end users envision a unified workspace of PC, Web and mobile applications available across multiple devices.”

Whitepaper: Enquête over de migratie naar Windows 10

Felipe Pepavao

Wat is de huidige situatie bij Duitse ondernemingen – zijn ze van plan om onmiddellijk naar Windows 10 te migreren of wachten ze nog even af? Bij Matrix42 weten we hoe een succesvolle migratie eruitziet. Om erachter te komen hoe Duitse ondernemingen tegen Windows 10 aankijken, hebben we meer dan 1200 IT-medewerkers gevraagd of hun onderneming van plan is om naar Windows 10 te migreren, hoe ze dat gaan doen en welke problemen ze voorzien. U vindt de uitkomsten van de enquête in onze whitepaper. 

White paper: Smarter Service Management: The ITSM Manager´s Guide

Felipe Pepavao

Meet Barbara Brown. As an IT service manager in a fast-growing midsized organisation, she cares about delighting her corporate IT customers. She’s intelligent, engaged, well-trained, and committed. But the job is a tough one – and it’s getting tougher all the time.