Unraveling the License Jungle with Software Asset Management

As digitization progresses, the demands on software asset management are also growing. The increase in cloud services and the widespread use of software in the data center, on virtual machines or on users' mobile devices complicate the correct licensing. What is needed is holistic and integrated approaches that successfully bring together new operating and licensing models as well as different types of provision.

The digital transformation enables companies to fundamentally redesign established business processes, customer interactions and business concepts. Software plays a crucial role - be it on servers in the data center or on the clients of the users.

Learn in this whitepaper all about unraveling the license jungle:
  • Which factors make software asset management so complex
  • Why shadow IT is growing and what role the cloud is playing
  • What to look for in licensing models
  • How to simplify processes with a holistic SAM approach
  • With which factors you achieve transparency and license optimization despite increased complexity