Case Study

Free of charge is not always the best choice

"The modular system of the Matrix42 software is a big plus. The individual components can be introduced step by step and are technically fully integrated within a standard solution. So, we don't need third party tools and the associated interfaces," Michael Schonhardt, Head of IT, RENA Technologies

The IT team of RENA Technologies looks after approx. 600 clients in seven subsidiaries worldwide. Five of them are in Germany, one in Poland and one in Shanghai. 30 percent are so-called "construction clients". For RENA, the software and OS distribution to the user systems is enormously important. Client Management (Empirum) for software administration and distribution was installed with Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management. In addition, the tool Silverback for the management of mobile devices, which RENA uses for its iOS devices.


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  • Reasons for the provider change
  • Selection criteria
  • Fast installation
  • Effective employee training
  • Personal customer support by a competent Matrix42 partner