Case Study

Fastweb manages complexity and functionality

“Matrix42 Empirum gives us exactly the right balance between cost-effectiveness, device management functionality and troubleshooting capabilities. We are confident the solution will help us grow our device management business further in the future.” (Marco Gatta, Manager of Process Monitoring, Fastweb)

Fastweb was awarded the contract to provide equipment management and maintenance services to some 300 public sector organizations. The contract included up to 110,000 desktop nodes, 43,000 local network nodes, 215,000 desktop phones, 13,000 server nodes and 9,000 firewall nodes.

Read in this case study how Fastweb uses Matrix42 Empirum to provide comprehensive services such as:
  • Vulnerability and patch management
  • Desktop remote control
  • Hardware and software Inventory
  • Software distribution and operating system implementation
  • Detection and inventory of printers, firewalls, and servers