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on the topics about Enterprise Service Management, how to get a handle on your license balance, and how to use the cloud to make software distribution.

Free of charge is not always the best choice
RENA Technologies installs software distribution and management in record time
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KWM WEISSHAAR controls security from central console
Learn how KWM WEISSHAAR controls security from one central console.
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FAYAT: From Silo to Group-wide Workspace Management Solution
Learn how FAYAT provides working environments with Matrix42.
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ISG Provider Lens SIAM-ITSM Germany 2019 - Executive Summary
Download the executive summary to the ISG Provider Lens SIAM/ITSM 2019!
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IT-Security in Germany
5 tips for a higher IT-security
Learn everything about the current security situation in German companies.
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mobilezone: with Matrix42 for more flexibility and speed
Read how mobilezone optimized its IT infrastructure with Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management.
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Everyone‘s Workplace in the Cloud
Learn how the cloud service processes are changing and how the cloud market in Germany is developing...
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Unraveling the License Jungle
Unraveling the License Jungle with Software Asset Management
Learn how to keep track of the licensing jungle in this white paper.
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Mastering the own data, thanks to automation!
Find out how KWS Saat SE got a grip on its data - thanks to Service Management from Matrix42!
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