Professional Services

Specialist expertise for maximum ROI

Many of our customers value our ability to consult with them on exactly how best to deploy Matrix42 products and integrate them with their existing infrastructure. Matrix42 delivers three levels of professional services to meet your precise requirements.

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Solution Implementation Services

Consultant-level project sales, conceptualization, customization and system implementation according to your specifications.

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Key Account Professional Services

Access to the deepest knowledge of exactly how our products work, and how to leverage them to deliver maximum value to your organization.

Experienced professionals with specialisms to suit different requirements.

The ability to develop creative solutions to your most challenging workspace management issues.

Delivery of internal training sessions for your key staff.

Comprehensive project management services, including development of best practice implementation documentation.


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Get in touch!

Custom Development Services

Rapid, bespoke development of new product features for specific customer requirements, even if not currently in the product roadmap.

Customization of existing internal customer systems.

Creation of easy to deploy software packages to meet specific needs.