Software-as-a-Service – Optimize usage, compliance and licensing costs
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Software-as-a-Service – Optimize usage, compliance and licensing costs




Matrix42 AG

70% of users in companies with 500 or more employees already use Software-as-a-Service solutions.


  • The challenge: The established SAM processes and tools are only partially suitable for measuring and controlling SaaS applications. 

    The consequence: Optimizing license costs is time-consuming and cost-intensive due to a lack of transparency regarding the use of license types. 

The goal of this webinar is to show you how to integrate SaaS Apps into your deployment processes and how to quickly optimize license costs based on actual usage.


  • SaaS and IT Governance - how to integrate SaaS into your self-service delivery processes

  • Cost Optimization Part I - how to obtain valid usage statistics and comparisons for SaaS and on-premise apps

  • Cost Optimization Part II - how to automate time-consuming license type allocations

  • Cost trap SaaS licenses - be careful with dropbox and account sharing

  • Microsoft Hybrid Use Rights - you should be careful to avoid unpleasant surprises

  • Thinking outside the box: data loss prevention and cloud encryption.

Torsten Boch Headshot
Torsten Boch

Senior Product Manager
Matrix42 AG

Torsten Boch has been with Matrix42 since 2006 and is currently Senior Product Manager responsible for the "Software Asset Management" product line. This includes license, asset and contract management as well as modules for server inventory. Prior to that, he spent 15 years as a developer, consultant and project manager at various companies, where he was responsible for the design and deployment of standard software. He holds a degree in business administration with a specialization in tax and commercial law as well as accounting and bookkeeping.

Markus Schäfer Headshot
Markus Schäfer

Director R&D Germany
Matrix42 AG

As Product Manager Cloud & Mobile at Matrix42, Markus Schäfer is responsible for the products MyWorkspace and Mobile Apps. He has many years of experience in product development of SaaS applications and mobile solutions. Prior to Matrix42, Markus Schäfer was responsible for enabling services and mobile applications in the field of communication at Deutsche Telekom.

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