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Enterprise Service Management

Inspire your customers with excellent service and offer your employees the best employee experience. Satisfied customers are the key to increase revenue and productivity. Outstanding service quality starts with satisfied employees. They need an efficient workspace to deliver high service quality.


Achieve more with less effort


Automatic Self Service

Get your Service Catalog up and running in no time by using your existing IT landscape.​

  • Enable and configure one of the many out-of-the-box connectors to Azure, AWS, Google Cloud or your Unified Endpoint Management solution​.
  • The connectors will automatically and continuously import all software packages, cloud resources including their consumption, devices and their inventory. The system will automatically create services for your Service Catalog based on those data.
  • All that’s left to do now is to publish these services. Your users can order them in the Self-Service Portal and they will be automatically deployed without any additional work​.


Cloud Expense Management​

Working in the cloud is easier than keeping it in order. Gain transparency and optimize your cloud spending proactively​.

  • The out-of-the-box integrations with Azure, AWS, Google and many others sync all devices, services and costs into your Add-On Matrix42 Cloud Expense Management​.

  • Find out which cloud services are the cost drivers and how you can optimize them​.

  • Due to the integration with the Service Catalog and the build-in Configuration Management Database (CMDB) you can directly orchestrate changes to optimize your cloud costs.


Expand ITIL and your processes with an intuitive low-code platform​

All the Matrix42 products are built with the Matrix42 low-code platform consisting of the SolutionBuilder for everything you can see and touch, and the Workflow Studio for all processes and automation. And the best thing - it’s all at your fingertips.​

  • Firstly open the Layout Designer in the low-code SolutionBuilder from a dialog, the navigation, a dashboard or any other User Interface (UI) element​.
  • Create, adjust and extend all the screens via Drag & Drop without worrying about responsiveness – the Matrix42 low-code SolutionBuilder will take care of this.
  • Automate and design your processes the same way with the Workflow Studio and make your Service Management a true powerhouse​.


FireScope Secure Discovery and Dependency Mapping (SDDM)

Nelle infrastrutture complesse, la mancanza di trasparenza aumenta sia il rischio di interruzioni di importanti servizi aziendali sia i problemi di sicurezza dovuti a dispositivi non riconosciuti o modifiche in ambito IT. Le aziende potrebbero inoltre avere l’intenzione di migrare in un ambiente cloud ma non conoscere le dipendenze tra i vari componenti. Ed è proprio qui che entra in gioco FireScope Secure Discovery and Dependency Mapping (SDDM). Le organizzazioni IT ottengono un tool che consente loro di muoversi all’interno dell’ambiente IT e che offre i seguenti servizi:

  • Rilevamento automatico dell’intera infrastruttura IT inclusa la mappatura di tutti gli asset IT ai servizi aziendali critici sotto forma di mappa dei servizi 
  • Identificazione dei servizi aziendali critici e documentazione della relativa composizione  
  • Misurazione del livello di utilizzo degli asset IT per garantire investimenti solo in servizi necessari  
  • Acquisizione in tempo reale delle modifiche nell’ambiente IT e del relativo impatto sui servizi aziendali  
  • Aggiornamento e manutenzione automatica dei dati CMBD  
  • Una soluzione dei problemi più rapida grazie all’identificazione più veloce delle cause all’origine degli incidenti

FireScope Secure Discovery and Dependency Mapping (SDDM)


FireScope Service Performance Manager (SPM)

Mantenete i vostri servizi in perfetta forma ed evitate in maniera proattiva costose interruzioni dei servizi utilizzando FireScope Service Performance Manager per analizzare e monitorare le prestazioni e la qualità della vostra infrastruttura IT con:

  • Una panoramica sull’andamento delle prestazioni e gli scostamenti dai KPI 
  • Una valutazione del rischio degli interventi IT pianificati sui servizi aziendali per prevenire onerose interruzioni 
  • Un’allerta proattiva per le carenze che impattano sugli SLA 
  • Previsioni sul momento in cui la capacità influenzerà l’erogazione dei servizi


Three good reasons to choose
Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management

Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management can be obtained from the cloud, operated on-premise in your own infrastructure or in a hybrid model.

Transformation of IT to a service provider

Reduce the burden on IT with standardized service processes in one solution. Optimized costs and consistent processes increase the contribution of IT to your success.


Optimization of license, contract and asset management. Compliance is taken care of - even in the cloud.

Cost-optimized, integrated processes

Automated delivery of software and services via self-service and zero touch IT

  • Fast and easy employee on-boarding – an outstanding employee experience starts with the on-boarding process. Ensure high productivity and satisfied employees.

  • Flexible 24/7 self-service – provide your employees easy and secure access to apps and services, even when they are on the road. At the same time, you take a burden off your IT.

  • (Cloud) service integration – easily and securely integrate external and internal services into your existing service offering.

  • Standardise and automate processes – automate processes that were previously carried out manually. You save valuable time and resources.

  • Faster service delivery – let your users register their new devices themselves. Apps and services are automatically deployed based on their user profile. Your IT is further relieved and the provisioning is accelerated.

  • Increase transparency – keep focussed on your service portfolio. This includes the management of your services, contracts, service descriptions, costs, usage rates and of course profitability.

  • Reduce service costs – Optimize your service costs and the lifecycle of all IT assets and licenses.

  • Make better decisions – benefit from more up-to-date and qualitatively higher service information in advance of planning processes, audits or negotiations with your customers.

  • IT as a service provider – As a service provider, you benefit from the best practices of an ITIL®-compliant IT service management solution and make a greater contribution to achieving business goals.

Best Practice Service Management

ITIL® 4 and ITIL® v3 compliant and certified for excellent service


Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management

With Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management you standardize and manage all IT and non-IT processes and services from provisioning to Service Lifecycle Management and End-of-Life (EoL). Integrated Configuration and Asset Management provides visibility into the status of all service components, enabling you to quickly restore service quality in the event of productivity limitations or security incidents. In addition, you optimize costs and ensure data security and compliance.

Matrix42 Service Management
Service Management
Offer next generation services! This way you can reduce the burden on IT, optimize your costs and achieve more with less effort.
Matrix42 Software Asset Management
Software Asset Management
Optimize your license, contract and asset management. Ensure compliance across all platforms - even in the cloud.
Digital Workspace Platform
Digital Workspace Platform
Adapt your solution, not your requirements. Increase productivity and safety. Unified user experience on every browser and device.


Increase your productivity

Out-of-the-Box Integration

Matrix42 Service Management is natively integrated with the holistic Matrix42 Digital Workspace Management suite. You work across processes and departments on a central platform, in a continuous process and with a central user interface. You can easily integrate additional solutions via existing interfaces.

Digital Workspace Platform

  • ServiceNow
  • LanDesk Inventory (Ivanti)
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • BPMN Workflow Integration
  • Heat DSM 7 (Ivanti)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Citrix
  • 8MAN
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • VMWare Airwatch
  • Breeze BI
  • Google Cloud
  • VMWare ESX
  • AppSphere ScriptRunner
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • SAP Solution Manager
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Serve&Charge
  • Lakeside Software
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • and many more
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