User and Entity Behavior Analytics Intelligent Data Protection Against Insider Threats

User and Entity Behavior Analytics Intelligent Data Protection Against Insider Threats




Matrix42 GmbH

According to security studies, malware can remain in the network for up to 175 days before it strikes. In comparison it wouldn´t take that long for an employee to download the customer database on a weekend or terabytes of data from virtual machines in one night. When you finally notice insider threats like this, your company's most valuable know-how is already gone.

But how can you preventively detect and avoid such insider threats? What options do you have to analyze user activities based on individual behavior patterns? And how can you create automated protection that immediately responds to such insider attacks?  

Daniel Döring, Technical Director Security at Matrix42, will demonstrate how to detect such security incidents in real time, but also how to set up cyber defense measurements that will act automatically. And most importantly, how to set up an individualized protection concept step by step based on analyses.  

  • Create transparency - gain an overview of all data movement.
  •  Protecting means understanding - who accesses what data, when and where?  
  • Caution when it comes to USB sticks - trust is good, control is better.  
  • Attention when using cloud storage – How to control access to Dropbox, Azure and Co.   
  • Anomalies in everyday work – How to analyze user activities.
  • Data protection violations in practice - How to protect data fully automated.   

Daniel Döring Headshot
Daniel Döring

Technical Director Security and Strategic Alliances
Matrix42 GmbH

Daniel Döring forma parte del equipo de EgoSecure desde 2007 y, por tanto, ha acompañado el desarrollo de la cartera de productos desde el principio. En su papel de Director Técnico de Seguridad y Alianzas Estratégicas, Daniel Döring es responsable de establecer y ampliar las cooperaciones con fabricantes establecidos en la industria de las TI y está a cargo de la gestión de productos de seguridad de Matrix42. Con sus largos conocimientos técnicos, apoya a clientes y socios internacionales en la implementación y ejecución de complejos proyectos de seguridad informática. 

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