Nightmare data espionage - no chance for data thieves
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Nightmare data espionage - no chance for data thieves




Matrix42 AG

Data is the oil of the 21st century. And yet data espionage is almost child's play! Special tools like USBs, key grabbers or LAN adapters make nasty attacks on computers and networks frighteningly easy. Whether invisible backdoors in intranets, attacking WLANs or intercepting keyboard entries; just a few commands are enough to copy data (or even passwords) stored in the computer directly onto a stick.

Daniel Döring (Matrix42) and Pasi Siukonen (KINGSTON Technologies) present protective measures against data espionage, how to prevent unwanted "data vacuum cleaners" from being used in the first place and how to use USBs safely.


  • Rubber Ducky, Bash Bunny and Co. - data transfer via USB is as easy as that 

  • Pros and cons of possible protection concepts - from device management to whitelisting 

  • When it does go bang - post-infection protection as an emergency brake 

  • Safe working with USB I - Release procedure as self service

  • Work securely with USB II - the personalised and encrypted USB stick

Pasi Siukonen Headshot
Pasi Siukonen

TRG Team Leader
Kingston Technology Europe Co LLP

Pasi Siukonen is responsible for leading a team of experts who support Kingston departments such as PR, marketing, field sales, technical support and customer service. His main product focus is on the Flash and SSD product lines. Prior to joining Kingston Technology Europe in 2008, Pasi worked at the company's headquarters in Fountain Valley, California, where he was a test engineer for flash products. Prior to joining Kingston, Pasi worked as a technical support engineer in the IT department at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC).

Daniel Döring Headshot
Daniel Döring

Technical Director Security and Strategic Alliances
Matrix42 AG

Daniel Döring forma parte del equipo de EgoSecure desde 2007 y, por tanto, ha acompañado el desarrollo de la cartera de productos desde el principio. En su papel de Director Técnico de Seguridad y Alianzas Estratégicas, Daniel Döring es responsable de establecer y ampliar las cooperaciones con fabricantes establecidos en la industria de las TI y está a cargo de la gestión de productos de seguridad de Matrix42. Con sus largos conocimientos técnicos, apoya a clientes y socios internacionales en la implementación y ejecución de complejos proyectos de seguridad informática. 

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