How to enable simple and secure work from home
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How to enable simple and secure work from home




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The current Corona Virus crisis shows us one thing: most offices are empty.

Working is no longer a location, but a place where your employees can work securely and flexibly with the device of their choice. Remote work and home office no longer need to be an exception.

Sounds complex? Well it's not. Processes, workflows, provision of apps or holiday applications - everything can be done on the move or from home these days.

Hendrik Ambrosius, Senior Consultant and Daniel Doering, Technical Director Security and Strategic Alliances, will explain in this webinar how to:

  • set up remote workstations swiftly and easily.
  • set up your workplace at home via a catalogue.
  • securely access corporate servers and cloud applications.
  • avoid expensive VPN connections thanks to secure browsing.
  • secure your data transfers to the corporate network and the cloud.
  • protect your home office environment from cyber-attacks.

Daniel Döring Headshot
Daniel Döring

Technical Director Security and Strategic Alliances
Matrix42 AG

Daniel Döring forma parte del equipo de EgoSecure desde 2007 y, por tanto, ha acompañado el desarrollo de la cartera de productos desde el principio. En su papel de Director Técnico de Seguridad y Alianzas Estratégicas, Daniel Döring es responsable de establecer y ampliar las cooperaciones con fabricantes establecidos en la industria de las TI y está a cargo de la gestión de productos de seguridad de Matrix42. Con sus largos conocimientos técnicos, apoya a clientes y socios internacionales en la implementación y ejecución de complejos proyectos de seguridad informática. 

Hendrik Ambrosius Headshot
Hendrik Ambrosius

Senior Presales Consultant
Matrix42 AG

Hendrik Ambrosius, Senior Presales Consultant at Matrix42, has 25 years of experience in the field of workspace management. He is ITIL certified and has extensive know-how in the areas of endpoint management, virtualization, IT software asset and service management as well as IT security. Since 1999 he has been working for Matrix42 customers as a Presales Consultant.

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