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Data Protection 2020 - trends and strategies




Matrix42 AG

According to the analyst firm Gartner, traditional security and data protection approaches have become obsolete in a digital world. Malware attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and every second company is already affected by insider attacks.

But what strategies do I use to arm myself against current and future risks? What dangers threaten from the cloud and the IoT era? How do I increase my transparency and cyber resilience? And how can I justify investments in automation for rapid risk prevention?

Answers to these questions and everything about the latest trends and strategies for data protection can be found in the webinar by Daniel Döring, Security Director at Matrix42. Topics include:

  • Trends Cyber Security - from Cloud, IoT to Post-Quantum Encryption
  • Vulnerability Insider threats - the employee as a source of danger
  • Strategy Transparency - Identify and understand data leaks in advance
  • Strategy Automation - Endpoint security integrated into IT operations processes
  • Success factor post-infection protection - keeping the consequences of an attack as low as possible
Daniel Döring Headshot
Daniel Döring

Technical Director Security and Strategic Alliances
Matrix42 AG

Daniel Döring forma parte del equipo de EgoSecure desde 2007 y, por tanto, ha acompañado el desarrollo de la cartera de productos desde el principio. En su papel de Director Técnico de Seguridad y Alianzas Estratégicas, Daniel Döring es responsable de establecer y ampliar las cooperaciones con fabricantes establecidos en la industria de las TI y está a cargo de la gestión de productos de seguridad de Matrix42. Con sus largos conocimientos técnicos, apoya a clientes y socios internacionales en la implementación y ejecución de complejos proyectos de seguridad informática. 

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