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Advanced Data Loss Prevention – Analyze and Visualize Data Flows in Real Time




Matrix42 AG

When it comes to data loss prevention, people think of anti-virus protection against malware attacks such as Emotet, etc. But more than half of all data theft is caused by people within an organization. Transparency and preventive analyses of data flows are more in demand than ever. This practical webinar will demonstrate how to analyze and visualize those data flows in real time.  

The practice shows: Many companies protect their data with a wide range of security tools. Nevertheless, most still have little insights into their actual data flows and data accesses within the network, including home offices.

Valuable knowledge is often removed undetected from within the organization on (private) USB sticks or cloud storage devices. Even worse, these data are often unencrypted, all without hackers at work. 

Daniel Döring, Technical Director Security and Strategic Alliances at Matrix42 will show you how:   

  • To get full transparency of all data flows at the push of a button. 
  • To analyze data movement and storage in real time. 
  • To know who accesses which data from where and on which device these were saved. 
  • To initiate targeted protective measures based on data flow analyses. 

... prevent your most valuable data from leaving your company (unencrypted). 

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Daniel Döring

Technical Director Security and Strategic Alliances
Matrix42 AG

Daniel Döring forma parte del equipo de EgoSecure desde 2007 y, por tanto, ha acompañado el desarrollo de la cartera de productos desde el principio. En su papel de Director Técnico de Seguridad y Alianzas Estratégicas, Daniel Döring es responsable de establecer y ampliar las cooperaciones con fabricantes establecidos en la industria de las TI y está a cargo de la gestión de productos de seguridad de Matrix42. Con sus largos conocimientos técnicos, apoya a clientes y socios internacionales en la implementación y ejecución de complejos proyectos de seguridad informática. 

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