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Digital Workspace Management

Everything you need to make your digital workspace secure, automated and service-oriented for your end users in one unified integrated solution.​

More than 5,000 satisfied customers

“Matrix42 has enabled us to evolve from purely technical  support to being  an enabler of KPI management.”

Klaus Ziegerhofer, IT Service Management, Senior Analyst,
Magna IT Austria 

“Matrix42 Empirum gives us exactly the right balance between cost effective- ness, device management functionality and troubleshooting capabilities. We are confident the solution will help us grow our device management business further in the future.”

Marco Gatta, Manager Process Monitoring


“The great strength of the Matrix42 solution lies in the fact that it does everything so well.” 

Thierry Tellier, Deputy IT Manager

“One of the main reasons we are so happy with Matrix42 is the tight integration between the different modules, making it a very comprehensive solution.”

Jörg Bagehorn, Head of IT Services
TEAG Thüringer Energie AG


Simplify & Secure Digital Work


Get your devices in order

Three simple steps will get you from zero to hero including the discovery, security and operations of all your endpoints

  • Inventory​ – Assess your endpoints independent from the operating system - agent-based or agent-less, on-prem and in the cloud​
  • Secure​ – Prevent data leaks by seamlessly encrypting any data passing through your endpoint without the user noticing
  • Deploy applications, operating systems, patches and entire configurations fully automated like a pro​


Ramp up your Services​

With a proper Secure Unified Endpoint Management in place, the out-of-the-box connectors will import everything for you.

  • “Automagic” Import​ – The out-of-the-box Connectors to common UEM Solutions will create all Assets and Service for your "automagically"; these can be consumed by your users instantly​
  • Allocate your Costs​ – The built-in internal cost allocation helps you track consumption and report the true value of your services to the business
  • Support your Users​ – Your Self-Service Portal will take care of frequent issues. For anything else they can work with your Service Desk​


Tailor, Adjust and Extend

Every Enterprise is different. That’s why our low-code ​SolutionBuilder makes it easy for you to tailor the solution to your needs​

  • Adjust the Data Model​ – Extend and adjust the Data Model to your needs without writing any code or accessing the database​
  • Create bi-directional Connectors​ – Integrate your Systems natively through the Drag & Drop Workflow Studio and keep your Solutions in sync​
  • Stay up-to-date without compromise​ – Every extension or adjustment won’t impact your ability to update the system and will benefit from new features​


A holistic, integrated user interface

Based on the low-code SolutionBuilder and the drag & drop Workflow Studio, this responsive web console aggregates all products within the Matrix42 Digital Workspace Management Suite into a single, holistic User Interface that works in any browser, on any device.

  • Robust Security​ – Best-in-class Security is built right in​.
  • Fast as Lightning​ – Time is of the essence? The UUX won’t let you down​.
  • Fully adjustable and extenable​ – to perfectly align with your processes.

Three good reasons for
Matrix42 Digital Workspace Management

Relief for your IT

Standardized (self-) services and processes make your users happy and relieve the burden on IT.

Happy Users

Make your users more productive and let them work with end devices and platforms of their choice.


High transparency and better control over used licenses, current contracts and your entire IT assets.

  • Stay productive and secure – the solution automates your processes and gives your users flexibility in their choice of devices. Productivity and security are guaranteed.

  • Unified User Experience (UUX) – Save the costs of parallel operation of several isolated applications to manage your devices. The use of the solution by users and IT feels the same on all browsers and devices.

  • Shorter ordering and provisioning processes – Your users order services, apps and hardware through self-service. Provisioning is automatic. All assets, services, licenses and costs are automatically allocated to the proper cost center.

  • Ensure license compliance and optimize costs – Ensure license compliance across platforms, devices, data center, and cloud. At the same time, you save license costs.

  • Optimize service processes – Standardize your processes and automate steps that were previously performed manually. You benefit from higher transparency,  service cost allocation and reduced costs. At the same time, you increase service quality.

Get IT balanced

Managing and securing more end devices, more apps and more data - a balancing act. Because the demands on work are changing more and more. Employees decide for themselves when, where and with which device they are productive. Sounds complex, but it's not. The best solution is not to restrict users, but to reduce risks.


Matrix42 Digital Workspace Management

Secure Unified Endpoint Management

Asegura el aprovisionamiento rápido y automático de todos los dispositivos finales con seguridad incorporada. Protege sus dispositivos, aplicaciones y datos desde el principio. Reduce la carga de trabajo de TI, aumenta la productividad y asegura la satisfacción de los empleados.

Enterprise Service Management

Las Mejores Prácticas de ITIL y el Portal de Autoservicio automatizan los procesos de pedido, aprobación y aprovisionamiento. Los costes de servicio y las licencias se asignan automáticamente, y su cumplimiento está garantizado porque la seguridad también forma una parte integral.

Digital Workspace

Con el SolutionBuilder de código bajo y el Workflow Studio puede automatizar los procesos y/o integrar nuevos servicios y sistemas de terceros - simplemente arrastrando y soltando. Gracias a la Experiencia de Usuario Unificada (UUX) en cualquier navegador moderno y en cualquier dispositivo.

Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management
Secure Unified Endpoint Management
Poner a disposición
Proporcione a los usuarios un puesto de trabajo personalizados y digital. En los últimos modelos de dispositivos.
Matrix42 EgoSecure Data Protection
Secure Unified Endpoint Management
Proteger los dispositivos, aplicaciones y datos contra las amenazas externas e internas.
Matrix42 Service Management
Enterprise Service Management
Proporcionar un excelente servicio. Reduzca la carga de su TI, optimice sus costos y logre más con menos esfuerzo.
Matrix42 Software Asset Management
Enterprise Service Management
Optimizar los costos
Optimizar licencias, contratos y la gestión de activos. Asegurar el cumplimiento en todas las plataformas, incluso en la nube.
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Voices of satisfied customers

Company Logo TEAG Thüringer Energie AG
Case Study
Insourcing en lugar de Outsourcing - Casi de la noche a la mañana
La funcionalidad, la perfecta integración, la interfaz de usuario intuitiva y la excelente relación calidad-precio son convincentes.
Company Logo KWM Karl Weisshaar Ing. GmbH
Case Study
KWM WEISSHAAR controla la seguridad desde una consola central
La integración de la gestión del espacio de trabajo y la seguridad informática garantiza una mayor eficiencia y una gestión segura de los puntos finales...
Company Logo KWS SAAT SE & Co. KGaA
Case Study
Implementación para 4.500 empleados y 25 proveedores internacionales
KWS SAAT SE implementó un sistema unificado para sus procesos de soporte en menos de 6 meses utilizando Matrix42 Service Management.
Company Logo USM U. Schärer Söhne AG
Case Study
Unified Endpoint Management saves time, creates flexibility and ensures satisfied employees
Are you looking for a Unified Endpoint Management solution that grows with your business? The furniture manufacturer USM shows how it works.