Primeros auxilios para la protección de datos de pacientes
Primeros auxilios para la protección de datos de los pacientes

Proteja los datos de los pacientes de forma inteligente,
automatizar la gestión de la seguridad informática

Proteger los datos de los pacientes ahora
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Resources ROI 51% - El cambio vale la pena

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Vendor Selection Matrix™ Secure Unified Endpoint Management

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Automate Endpoint Security
Security & IT Operations

Un equipo de dobles fuerte juega con éxito

Libera el poder
Automated Service Processes
Entra en la zona de poder

Impulsar un mejor rendimiento y experiencia del usuario en toda la empresa 

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Covid 19: Trabajar a distancia desde casa
Potenciar el trabajo digital

Trabajar con seguridad en tiempos de la Corona

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Security Incident Management

Data is the new Oil. Your Intellectual Property (IP) and Operational Performance (OP) are the two things that keeps your competitors awake at night and you ahead of them.​ That’s why we build the productivity and security tools you need to achieve that right into the platform you’re working with – the Digital Workspace Platform (DWP).

  • Matrix42 Device & Access Control​ – Ensure that only trusted and managed peripheral devices get access to any of your data – it’s as simple as flipping a switch​

  • Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO)​ – Identity Management can be a tedious yet, very important task. But your productivity needs to stay as high as it can get. Entering your Username and Password multiple times a day won’t make a big difference in your security – a system that takes care of that for your users certainly will for their productivity​

  • Security Incident Management​ – We have all the measures in place to run a tight ship, but if something occurs – what if an incident threatens your productivity or data?​ That’s when strong Incident Management helps you coordinate, automate and remediate – and that’s why it’s part of your Digital Workspace Platform (DWP)​