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Transparency through integrated license management

How to make your Compliance Management transparent, cost-effective and audit-proof

Trying to stay compliant while managing a complex mix of IT assets, contracts and licenses often has IT managers reaching for the painkillers. In recent years, the infrastructure virtualization many organizations have implemented has made the task even harder, because virtualized resources are organized according to users, whereas other assets are assigned to devices. The result: even more complexity.

At the same time, IT vendors are auditing organizations for compliance more often and more rigorously. So, dealing with the whole issue is only becoming more urgent. In this context, the ability to manage assets, contracts and licenses in an integrated way from a single point would be a godsend.

Typical questions that organizations need to find good answers to include:

  • How do you establish resilient master data so that you have complete transparency over all your compliance-relevant IT assets?
  • How do you identify which applications add value, and which are generating unnecessary cost?
  • How do you ensure unused licenses are identified before they are renewed automatically?
  • How do you ensure you are fully prepared for vendor audits, without a lot of time-consuming manual work?
  • How can you ensure in advance that your software deployments are compliant with internal and external requirements?

The essential requirement to successfully address all of these challenges, is to take a holistic approach that treats compliance as an organizational process, not just an operational task.

Matrix42 Compliance: Easy, automated and comprehensive IT asset management – now certified by KPMG

Matrix42 Compliance integrates Asset Management, License Management and Contract Management to simplify and automate the management of all your IT assets within a single solution. Unlike other IT asset management solutions, Matrix42 Compliance helps you track usage, ensure compliance and optimize expenditure for all your hardware, software and service licenses and contracts across physical, virtual, mobile and cloud environments. As a result, IT asset and license management becomes integrated into processes at every level of your organization.

In a recent software asset management test run by KPMG Germany, Matrix42 Compliance scored 100% in every category. This provides independent verification that Matrix42 Compliance has all the necessary functions and software catalog elements required to optimally support corporate software compliance.

Your benefits include:

  • Highly efficient IT Asset Management through comprehensive lifecycle support and optimization for all your IT assets from allocation to retirement
  • Permanently optimized and transparent IT asset costs through integrated and complete cost planning, monitoring and forecast capabilities
  • Reduced risk and complete peace of mind through avoidance of compliance or software audit failures
  • Reallocation of compliance fulfillment resources to other tasks through increased automation and risk-free user self-service
  • Optimized allocation of inventory based on actual user need
  • Greater cost-efficiency and productivity through elimination or reallocation of unused licenses, and automatic updating of compliant software
  • A stronger negotiating position with vendors post-audit through complete transparency about actual requirement