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customized working enviroments


Provide Customized Working Environments

One of the most important objectives for IT departments is to provide employees with a workspace that is both well designed and functional. The type of workspace environment being used, and the end device selected by the user, shouldn’t be a barrier to achieving this. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an office clerk and his PC, an employee in his home office with access to a virtual desktop, or a sales representative who needs to work on the go. They must all be able to access the applications they need to complete their tasks at any time, and from any location.

Various criteria must be met in order to rise to this challenge efficiently and effectively:

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Support for every platform

Matrix42 Corporate workspace management provides you with a fully integrated solution that can support nearly every type of end device. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a standard computer or laptop with locally installed operating systems, a virtual desktop within a VDI environment, mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones, or cloud-based workspaces: Matrix42 covers them all.

Individual application deployment

Matrix42 Corporate allows you to equip your workers with an individually optimized workspace. For example, the solution enables you to automatically provide employees with a set of applications, tailored for their department. IT can roll out additional applications as preconfigured packages directly to the employee’s workspace whenever necessary. It goes without saying that this works for virtual environments as well as physical computers.

An new level of efficiency is enabled through the deployment of approved applications via a self-service portal. In other words, your employees can install the required applications themselves via an app store. You still maintain complete transparency over the software installed within your corporate environment at all times, thanks to integrated asset and license management.

High degree of automation

An important benefit of running a powerful workspace management solution is workload reduction for the IT department through the elimination of time-consuming standard tasks and administration. Matrix 42 Corporate contains several modules that are designed to achieve this. Its various functions include automation and standardization for software distribution, installation and management. These functions also include data security and restoration, update distributions, and automated, secure, and complete data removal once a device is no longer in use.

Matrix 42 Corporate also optimizes the handling of support requests. Alongside easy- to-use self-help functions, the Matrix42 Service Desk module features preconfigured scenarios, such as password resetting, and a powerful system for reporting malfunctions or disruptions. This saves IT employees time and effort by automating the processes that support ticket creation and the completion of time- consuming manual tasks.