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IT Service Management


Optimize and Mobilize IT Service Management

Todays’ employees expect easy access, quick troubleshooting, and complete process transparency from the IT department in general, and IT Service Management in particular. In other words, all the attributes we have come to expect as consumers thanks to commercial systems such as Web shops and cloud apps.

At the same time, IT Service Management (ITSM) also faces some significant challenges due to the increasing complexity of modern IT infrastructures. Heterogeneous infrastructures, that feature a mix of company- and privately- owned devices, combined with increasingly demanding users, require that internal processes are continuously tested and improved. However, at the same time, it provides your IT department with the chance to position itself as a professional partner for streamlining and accelerating processes across every division of the company. This turns IT Service Management into an important creator of value for the company.

Matrix42 IT Service Management helps you, amongst other things, to achieve the following goals:

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Provide optimal support for heterogeneous infrastructures

Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) refers to enabling employees to use their personal mobile devices safely within the company network. This poses a major challenge to IT departments. The same applies to the rapidly increasing number of greatly heterogeneous IT environments, which comprise physical, virtual, mobile, and cloud-based workspaces.

Simple tools that only allow the management of one area don’t help much when it comes to managing all the different types of workspaces in a sensible and efficient way. However, Matrix42 IT Service Management can help. An integrated approach, which brings together all your workspaces within one intuitive interface, provides service desk employees with a quick overview of all managed devices and their individual configurations.

Mobilize IT Service Management

ITSM also needs to factor in the increasingly flexible and mobile nature of of working life. Nowadays, employees expect that every IT service they use will also be available on their mobile devices, and that all the relevant processes can be managed via intuitive interfaces. The Matrix42 Mobile apps allow access to all relevant content, as well as enabling fast responses to requests and alerts.

This means that the user can access the IT service catalog at any time using his iOS or Android device, complete orders, and send reports about IT disruptions or malfunctions to the support team as well. The user can also check the knowledge database within the app to see if he is able to solve the problem quickly and easily himself, significantly reducing the workload for the service desk.

The IT department can use the same application to accept the user’s report, answer it, and inform the employee on the current status. It is also possible to share information about pending maintenance work or scheduled downtime, in order to reduce the support administration that these kind of additional questions generate.

With the Matrix42 Mobile apps, senior employees can quickly and easily send order approvals while on the go, significantly accelerating related processes, and increasing die Mitarbeiterzufriedenheit steigern. employee satisfaction.

Increase transparency of IT Service Management processes

Nowadays, process transparency plays a crucial role for the end user and the IT department alike: While end user satisfaction improves because employees can find out about the current status of their request or report, there is a noticeable reduction in support requests because the corresponding questions have been eliminated.

Transparency means that the IT department can make its own performances traceable, bring it into a cost-performance context, and uncover improvement potential for support, both within the department and in relation to issues that generate cost.