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Manage Mobile, Virtual and Physical Workspaces

A few years ago, an IT department’s main task was the management of various operating systems in company workspaces. However, this situation has fundamentally changed since then.

Nowadays, modern companies use several approaches simultaneously to provide every employee with a workspace that is personalized to his or her needs and role. The lines between working hours and private life are becoming increasingly blurred, and employees are more flexible than ever when it comes to using various work devices at different times and locations:

Companies need to provide employees with the optimal working environment, regardless of location and user device, in order to make the most of this flexibility. Only Matrix42 offers you an all-in-one solution that meets all these challenges through a range of seamlessly integrated functions. Training and integration efforts can also be minimized thanks to a standardized user interface.

Mobile Workspaces

The trend for using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets is now well established. As a result, corporate IT departments are faced with multiple challenges in dealing with the wide range of devices and operating systems that are being used within company networks for private and corporate purposes. These challenges include device management, data protection, and security. Silverback by Matrix42 helps you address these challenges effectively, while harnessing the benefits of mobile workspaces, and simultaneously guaranteeing maximum IT security and transparency. Typical use cases for Silverback by Matrix42 include mobile lifecycle management, conducting customer meetings via mobile devices, and the deployment of IT services via a mobile app.

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Virtual Workspaces

Virtual desktops are also becoming increasingly common, now that server virtualization has become standard practice in most companies. These virtual desktops offer the advantage of quick and flexible workspace deployment and a high level of security. A fully-fledged management solution is required in order to introduce and operate a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment in a cost- efficient manner. It reduces the workload of the IT department thanks to the highest possible automation of deployment and service processes. Our Matrix42 Virtual solution guarantees the cost-efficient deployment of virtual workspaces and reduces your operating costs, by integrating asset management and self-service functions for users. Typical use cases for Matrix42 Virtual include the automation of Citrix infrastructures, the management of disk images, and the deployment of virtual workspaces for business processes.

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Physical Workspaces

Automating the deployment and management of workspaces on PCs and other devices isn’t new – but it is still essential. Yet, many businesses still fail to exploit optimization potential when managing these workspaces. As a result, traditional PC workspaces aren’t operated efficiently in terms of costs or technology. Our integrated Matrix42 Physical management solution not only allows you to significantly reduce costs for physical workspaces, but also improves performance, flexibility, and security. Typical use cases for Matrix42 Physical include the automation of physical workspaces with self- service and self-provisioning capabilities, and the fully automated deployment of applications or updates on an almost unlimited number of PCs.

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