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improve IT security


Improve IT Security – Guarantee Software Compliance

There are several reasons that compliance is an important issue for companies of all kinds. On the one hand, every organization strives to ensure that its employees only install applications that comply with corporate policy and are correctly licensed. On the other hand, IT security also improves if your company’s software installations are consistently monitored.

Improve your software compliance and your IT security with

Careful and efficient monitoring of IT compliance helps to significantly reduce business risks.

Learn more about this topic under Matrix42 Compliance and enable transparency for software and license status

Simple deployment of software that complies with company policy


The best way of avoiding IT compliance violations is the simple and intuitive provision of software solutions via the self-service Enterprise App Store within the Matrix42 Service Catalog. This allows employees to install the applications they need with minimal time and effort, without awkward approval processes, and via a familiar app store interface. At the same time, you can also ensure that employees only use current and licensed software versions, and avoid security risks with outdated and insecure versions.

Automatic detection of unauthorized software installations


Installing software without the relevant approval poses a threat to organizations in two ways. Firstly, IT compliance can be threatened by incomplete or incorrect licensing of installations. This allows potentially dangerous software onto the corporate network that could generate significant losses for the company in a number of ways. The automatic detection of unlicensed software is integrated into Matrix42 Compliance and helps companies avoid these risks. As soon as an unauthorized software installation is detected, a license test is automatically carried out and the relevant administrators are informed. They can subsequently approve the software installation, or initiate the removal of the application.