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Automatically Deploy IT Services

Deploying IT services is a key task for the majority of IT departments. The related processes often comprise many steps that constantly need to be repeated, yet also need to be carried out extremely carefully. The user, in turn, expects his requirements to be processed in a quick and transparent manner.

With our help, you can

There are different modules available within the Matrix42 IT Service Management (ITSM) solution, which reduce the amount of regularly occurring standard requests for your IT department and free up time for more important work. These tasks can be bundled into standard services and then carried out with the touch of a button and invoiced, if necessary.

Learn more about Matrix42 IT Service Management here.

Transformation into self-service IT

Since app stores have become as ubiquitous on mobile devices as they are on desktop PCs and laptops, users have come to expect an intuitive interface when requesting IT services for immediate use. An IT department that can’t keep up with these developments will quickly be labeled as too conservative, and risk a decline in user acceptance of IT. When users then bypass the IT department and install applications or use private devices on the company network themselves, without being granted approval first, it can lead to the establishment of a shadow IT infrastructure.

The Matrix42 Service Catalog allows your IT department to offer services via a modern self- service portal. This enables the user to deploy them via a PC or even a mobile device. All downstream processing, such as the order approval required from a manager, can be directly mapped within the solution. This enables the process to be automated as much as possible ,thereby reducing the IT department’s workload.

The approval or rejection of the order can then be carried out via a mobile device, further accelerating order processing. Every step in the procedure can be traced in real-time by the user, so that he always knows the latest status. All changes carried out during the deployment are documented in change management for IT, and can be traced at any time.

Automate and optimize support processes

The Matrix42 Service Desk module also helps further reduce the workload for the IT department. It offers user-friendly and Web-based incident, problem, and change management, alongside an integrated knowledge base. Malfunctions and disruptions can be directly reported to the relevant department, enabling quick processing without any media disruption. The service desk staff can directly process the reports, and the user can receive information on their progress.

Comprehensive automation of support ticket creation, prioritization, distribution, and escalation means that employees don’t have to deal with time-consuming standard tasks. Plus, detailed reporting on activities, deadlines, and service levels allow the processes to be regularly inspected and improved.

Complete cost transparency for your services

You can access useful information with ad-hoc analyses of ITSM KPIs and detailed reporting on every process via the integrated dashboards and reporting functions. This provides you with the perfect basis for optimizing your internal processes and effectively reducing your IT costs.