Date: 2020-04-02    10:00 am - 11:00 am

New cyber threats in times of Corona

Due to Corona all companies are struggling with the challenges of enabling their employees to work from home. Another industry is already taking advantage of that situation.


Cybercriminals have been trying to exploit fear and hysteria by directing cyber-attacks against users, using the broad variety of malware creations. One example are phishing attacks, other examples are fake apps that display infographics on case numbers of the corona virus, but act as spyware.


Daniel Döring, Technical Director Security and Strategic Alliances at Matrix 42, will present to you:
  • the latest updates on "Corona Malware"
  • how a phishing attack works
  • how to prevent and protect against such cyberattacks


Look forward to 60 minutes of new insights into the latest cyber threats and how to protect against it.

Daniel Döring

Technical Director Security and Strategic Alliances


Daniel Döring has been a member of the EgoSecure team (Center of Excellence for Security at Matrix42) since 2007 and has thus accompanied the development of the product portfolio from the very beginning. He supports international customers and partners in the implementation and execution of complex IT security projects. In his role as Technical Director Security and Strategic Alliances Daniel Döring is responsible, among other things, for establishing and expanding co-operations with established manufacturers from the IT industry.