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Unified Endpoint Management

Wondering whether you should manage hybrid devices with a client management tool, or a mobility management tool? The answer is neither! The time has come to consolidate endpoint management within a single, integrated solution. Discover the power of Unified Endpoint Management to reduce the cost and complexity of managing an increasingly diverse device landscape.

The increasing popularity of hybrid devices, such as the Microsoft Surface, is blurring the distinction between desktop and mobile computing. Moreover, because these devices could be managed with client lifecycle management and enterprise mobility management tools, IT managers face a dilemma: Which tool do I manage them with? This in turn raises more questions: Why do I need two IT tools to manage my devices anyway? And: now that every employee uses multiple devices, surely I shouldn’t be paying for device management on a per device basis?

Endpoint management without the cost and complexity

Unified Endpoint Management solutions remove the cost and complexity from this scenario by enabling organizations to manage any device through one, integrated console that provides all the functionality of the best client management and enterprise mobility management tools. Not only that, the best tools are user-centric, offering management of an unlimited number of devices – and the related applications and services they run – on a per user basis, for a predictable, fixed price.

Introducing Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management

Unlike other endpoint management systems, Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management enables the provisioning and management of secure access to trusted corporate networks and data from any endpoint, regardless of form factor, operating system, application/service set, or ownership, over its complete lifecycle – from order to retirement. The consolidation of the tool chain, from traditional Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions into a single, self-service UEM tool, significantly reduces overall costs and management effort, while freeing users to work the way they want to.

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