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Social Responsibility

Work and life are only smart when they are fulfilling. Through initiatives such as the ‘Help the Helpers’ app, and our involvement in Malteser Social Day, we show our willingness to take responsibility. 

Helping the helpers

Our ‘Help the Helpers’ project attests to the dual nature of our claim ‘Smarter Workspace – Better Life.’ Through the project, we allow our workspace management expertise to benefit those whose work is especially important for society: voluntary helpers from NGOs and non-profit organizations.

We work with the helpers and volunteers to grasp the challenges connected with their workspaces. Our experts use this information to identify opportunities for simplifying the everyday work of the helpers. Our developers then program our ‘Help the Helpers’ app, which is precisely tailored to meet the needs of the organization, and really makes life easier for the helpers. We also support the organizations with expertise from our other departments, such as marketing and HR.

Active support for Malteser Social Day in Frankfurt

In addition, we participate in the Malteser Social Day in Frankfurt every year. In 2015, for example, 70 of our employees were given the day off to get involved in various Malteser projects in the region.

Each September, the Maltesers organize a nationwide ‘social day’ in which employees from different companies grapple with various projects for an entire day. Matrix42 colleagues help in very practical ways, such as renovating a day-care center, painting classrooms, or by assisting with general social services provided by the Maltesers, such as delivering meals, providing hospice services, or caregiving.

“As a growing Frankfurt company, we are truly concerned with giving something back to the region. What is more, we are aware that there are people and institutions here that depend on help from the general public. Consequently, I am delighted that over 70 employees are pitching in actively for an entire day and providing help wherever it is needed,” said Michael Schmidt in commenting on our involvement in 2015.

Social engagement is another important part of our claim: Smarter Workspace – Better Life.