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Webinar ITAM and CMDB - Ready for the quantum leap?
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ITAM and CMDB - Ready for the quantum leap?




60 Min.




Matrix42 AG

How much time are you losing because you do not have an up-to-date and accurate CMDB? Are projects delayed because IT data has to be manually collected and verified before each project can start? What about assessing the impact of changes to the critical infrastructure that supports your most important business services? Do you lack transparency of IT dependencies - making cloud migrations risky and change management impact assessments difficult to complete?

And what about the security of your IT assets. How do you know that only authorised devices are connected to your critical business services? What about if a critical server disconnects and a business service is compromised?

In this webinar, Matrix42 and Matrix42 partner Mielabelo will discuss how FireScope Secure Asset Discovery & Dependency Mapping (SDDM) solution helps companies across all sectors to overcome these challenges.

Matrix42 will present and demo the benefits and functionality of SDDM, enabling you to: 

  • Automatically Identify all IT assets (network, cloud, storage, devices) and their associated business services dependencies in real-time,  
  • Integrate with your CMDB so that you always have access to accurate, up-to-date IT Asset data, 
  • Generate alerts, as appropriate, if a new or unauthorised device connects to a service or if an existing device disconnects, identifying change in real-time including unapproved changes as well as security threats resulting from rogue devices. 
  • Accurately assess and reduce the risk of critical business services failure using up to date dependency maps for impact analysis in advance.

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Paul Yates Headshot
Paul Yates

Senior Solution Engineer
Matrix42 AG

Robert Fleming Headshot
Robert Fleming

Sales Director
Matrix42 AG

Emanuel Jaunart
Emanuel Jaunart

Managing Partner

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