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Matrix42 Webinar: Managing the Complexity of Software Compliance

Managing the Complexity of Software Compliance





The proliferation of Cloud and On-Premises solutions is increasing the complexity of license and expense management, creating significant financial risk during an audit. 

That poses the question – how do you properly manage your software assets?  

Discover how automated license management connects vendor license intelligence, software inventory, and payment invoices to stay compliant, identify savings, and respond confidently to audits.  

Join Ken Adamson, Senior Product Manager, and Andrei Tchouvelev, VP of Strategic Alliances and Business Development, as they discuss the details of Software Asset Management, real-world customer examples, and how Matrix42 optimizes your opportunity to successfully manage software compliance. 

Learn more about:

  • Non-compliance costs & impact
  • What triggers software audits
  • What it takes to maintain software compliance to reduce the impact of audits

Ken Adamson Headshot
Ken Adamson

Senior Product Manager
Matrix42 GmbH

Ken is Senior Product Manager at Matrix42. Ken is a very customer-focused individual who strives to delight customers through continuous delivery of value with great software. Ken has over 29 years in the systems and data center and hybrid cloud infrastructure management industry. Ken was an instrumental member of an extremely successful team at Nimsoft leading to CA Technologies acquiring Nimsoft for $350M.

Andrei Tchouvelev Headshot
Andrei Tchouvelev

VP - Strategic Alliances and Business Development
Matrix42 GmbH

Strategic and critical thinker, speaker, ideator, evangelist with an extensive knowledge of Enterprise Software including Security, Enterprise Service Management, SAM, Endpoint Management, SaaS & Cloud, and a wealth of integration and implementation experience. Held a number of senior executive positions from Sr. Director to Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Healthcare Officer (CHO), and CTO.

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